Solar Dynamics Observatory monitors coronal hole

April 28, 2011 – CORONAL HOLE: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring a hole in the sun’s atmosphere–a “coronal hole.” It is the dark region circled in this extreme ultraviolet image taken during the early hours of April 28th. Coronal holes are places where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows the solar wind to escape. A stream of solar wind flowing from this coronal hole is expected to reach Earth on April 30th-May 1st. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of geomagnetic activity at that time. –Space Weather
We first reported this on April 20th Sun
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9 Responses to Solar Dynamics Observatory monitors coronal hole

  1. Logman says:

    These holes have been linked to large earthquakes so look out for one in the equatorial regions around 30th April to 1st May. That’s a large hole.


  2. radiogirl says:

    What should we expect from the solar winds upon the geomagnetics of our planet?


    • We should probably be anticipating one of the most turbulent solar maximums in recent history. Coronal holes typically appear along the polar regions of the Sun until the solar maximum which is still 1 to 2 years away. If bad is now, that later may be even worst.


  3. Fernalea says:

    Am new to this site but am impressed with the material here. Will certainly be watching the next couple of days to see the results of this solar activity. I think I heard some time ago that solar winds (or flares?) create havoc with not only magnetic waves on earth, but with radio and microwave frequencies causing internet blackouts. Is this true? Could there be a major internet/information blackout caused by solar winds? Just wondering.


    • Any electrical disruption will knock-out the internet, including terrorist EMP blasts. America’s aging infrastructure highways including bridges, sewer and electrical grid are over all falling into disrepair- and where is the money being spent to upgrade most it? I wouldn’t count on the internet being around during a major crisis no more than Americans should expect their infrastructure to be overhauled anytime soon.


      • Logman says:

        A coronal hole releases extra solar wind which is far as I know causes no eletromagnetic disturbances – but is linked to earthquake activity. Electrical equipment is only affected solar flares – CMEs.


  4. Sufi says:

    I have a question, I live in the pacific NW- in Oregon and am concerned for the big one here- do you think it would happen suddenly? Or would we start to see swarms first. Before the massive quake in Japan there were many swarms leading up to it. I watch the earthquake activity daily at this site
    and there is not much activity in my area….yet. Thank you.


  5. Greg says:

    A man I have an acquaintance with says that the Lord has told him that there will be a devastating earthquake in Peru. He also states that it will be a precursor to hugh earthquakes in California, then specifically Chicago and St. Louis with much loss of life.


  6. Greg says:

    I forgot to add that the earthquake in California will cause a 100′ tidal wave all the way to British Columbia.


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