Scientists puzzled over mystery of dead sharks washing up on Florida beaches

April 23, 2011FLORIDA , MANATEE COUNTY –  A mystery is brewing on Manatee County’s beautiful beaches — researchers are trying to figure out why sharks are washing ashore dead. Recently more than a dozen dead sharks were found on the north ends of Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island. “There were no real indicators of what went wrong with them,” Dr. Nick Whitney, Staff Scientist for the Center for Shark Research at MOTE Marine Laboratory said. “There are no obvious signs of damage from fishing or net damage or anything like that.” The species of sharks found were bonnetheads, blacknose and sharpnose. Whitney said he’s ruled out the possibility that the sharks died as a result of last year’s oil spill. “Oil spill is pretty unlikely because these animals tend to be coastal,” said Whitney. “They move up and down coast, but they wouldn’t tend to go off shore and in deep water where oil is.” For now, Whitney says what happened to these sharks remains a mystery. Researchers have sent samples from the sharks to a different lab to try and see if red tide killed them. However, they say this is highly unlikely since they have not detected any red tide in the area. –Bay News 9
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7 Responses to Scientists puzzled over mystery of dead sharks washing up on Florida beaches

  1. Lee says:

    Whales, Dolphins and Sharks are at or near the top of the oceanic food chain, so to rule out the oil spill as the cause is absurd. These creatures are all directly affected by the spill and the use of corexit just because these poisons have been spread all through the Gulf and beyond. But not only that, they are also feeding on creatures that have been eating the algae and plankton, which is no doubt full of toxins from the Disaster.


  2. K says:

    I know we are going to keep seeing this all over beaches worldwide

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the oil spill but I know that America european countries etc have gotten rid of nuclear waste in the ocean in barrels and other means and green peace tested some areas of the ocean floor where such activities occurred which they have been doing for almost 50 years now the ocean floor in many areas is highly contaminated of course I don’t think the sharks died from nuclear contamination however our govt and other govts worldwide will never tell the truth if it’s oil or other causes

    I put my trust in the Lord
    God Bless


  3. bob says:

    Yes, what do Scientists at a Shark Center of a Marine research laboratory know about sharks and the ocean anyway?


  4. LM says:

    Alvin, is it possible that the submarine earthquakes are responsible for the death of fish here and there in beaches and lakes? That the fish (a few or large quantities) were swimming on hot spots at the time of an earthquake, and got killed by substances / sound / vibrations / other / combination , and transported by oceanic currents to the beaches / lake shores?


  5. Anthony says:

    Anybody paying attention to Japan!! Or has the news that an on going nuclear disaster is still cooking escaped you…How about the news that they are dumping tens of thousands of tons radioactive water into the ocean, did you miss that one too?? If we have elevated levels of radiation here off the N.C. coast, probably a good bet it’s alot worse the closer you get to Japan..Russia buried theirs under millions of tons of concrete and many died while doing so..Japans engineers didn’t because they were hoping to rebuild the reactors so they could produce power and save their investment, now the world is paying the price for that greed..And that goes for the oil spill as well…


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