Dead sea lion washes ashore on Hermosa Beach in S. California

April 23, 2011 LOS ANGELES – A dead sea lion washed onto the beach just north of the Hermosa Beach Pier on Saturday morning—the animal is one of dozens that have been found sick or dead in Southern California this month. Hermosa Beach Animal Control has notified the county Department of Beaches and Harbors, officials told Patch, and maintenance crews will recover the sea mammal. Marine animals—sea lions, dolphins, fish and even some birds—have been found ill or dead recently due to a neurotoxin in local ocean waters called domoic acid. “It’s obvious from the stress on their face and behavior and having seizures on the beach, it’s all domoic acid,” said Peter Wallerstein, director of Marine Animal Rescue, on Saturday morning. “The pregnant sea lions are hard ones to watch, and the pups inside of them don’t fare very well.” Wallerstein’s rescue team has seen 10 sick sea lions in Hermosa Beach out of the 82 animals they’ve rescued along the Southern California coastline in April, he said. His team has also rescued eight dolphins in the past two weeks. “The alarming thing is the ones we see on the beach are just a tip of the iceberg,” Wallerstein said. “Some may have died and never made it to the beach.” Domoic acid, which is found in algae blooms along the California coast, causes grand mal seizures, brain damage, and even partial paralysis in larger animals that feed on fish or shellfish that have ingested the substance. The toxin’s potency is increased by pollution, such as fertilizers or urban runoff, that washes out to sea, Wallerstein said. His team has seen the impact that domoic acid can have on local marine life “every year for the past seven years, probably before that,” he said. “But the numbers have increased really from 2003 on. Some years it’s stronger than others. This year it’s a very potent bloom. It’s called pseudo-nitzschia, and it can bloom non-toxic substance or bloom the nuerotoxin domoic acid.” –Hermosa Beach Patch
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12 Responses to Dead sea lion washes ashore on Hermosa Beach in S. California

  1. A_lad says:

    It’s interesting how these animal deaths seem to have started with smaller species and now they are getting larger. From fish to mammals. The mass shark deaths in Florida was large too. Let’s not forget the million of birds.

    Birds belong to the AIR = Hence AIR is a necessary ELEMENT for Survival.

    Marine Life belongs to WATER = Hence WATER another necessary ELEMENT for survival.

    There is definitely a deterioration in the atmosphere ( Air ) and on EARTH ( another element ) and as drought and Volcanic activity speed up we will soon have FIRE!

    Clear signs of a Virus in our Solar system. Is it PX amongst other things that causes Luke 21:9-11 to begin and does anyone Believe that Luke 21:25-26 a clue to the abomination of desolation standing were it ought nought being PX.



  2. Lucy says:

    So sad. 😦


  3. Tina Marie says:

    All this toxic stuff in the water is scary. Is it possible this algae blooming everywhere is from underwater volcanic activity?


  4. Bundy says:

    Could it also be from radiation and they’re not saying? Guess we’ll never know the truth,at least for a while yet!


    • The Pacific current cirulates and cycles off the coast of Japan and California. There are many factors that induce algea growth- warming oceans and volcanic gas seepage, being some of them. Radiation induces genetic deformities so, we could have some new algea growing from this or even more worrisome —it could be killing the phytoplankton in the ocean which is the main source of oxygen for the planet. Once phytoplankton dies in mass, this planet’s death won’t be far behind.


  5. raven73au says:
    Very interesting regarding your comments Alvin, perhaps people should be warned off eating local seafood?
    Even small changes in the growth of phytoplankton may affect atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, which would feed back to global surface temperatures.” Scary stuff.


    • Phytoplankton numbers have declined by 40% since 1950. Most of the oxygen produced in the planet’s atmosphere is the result of aerobic photosynthesis of phytoplankton. I don’t think most people grasp the seriousness of all these aquatic marine kills. This rapid anaerobic effects happening to our oceans and waterways means human extinction is not far behind. We cannot survive without the oxygen component produced by the oceans and when they die, we die.


  6. scheat6sense says:

    I often wondered about these incidences and various sea lives washing up on the shore! It seems to be just the Pacific Ocean that has been affected so far; however, how long do you think it will take before the rest of the world’s oceans to become affected, if they haven’t been already!


    • DENNIS says:

      According to information that has been posted on this site in the past, it seems to be already an on-going world-wide event. It has been occurring on the Atlantic
      Side also. Check out Category Archives MASS ANIMAL DEATHS on this site if you haven’t already and archive postings from previous months.

      God bless


  7. APAK says:

    Phytoplankton… Many, including myself, forget it’s the little things that count.


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