Texas battle worst forest fires in 90 years- 1.4 million acres up in flames

April 19, 2011AUSTIN – Texas firefighters continued to battle rampant wildfires that have burned 1.4 million acres, destroyed hundreds of homes and prompted the evacuation of communities across the state. The state’s worst drought in nearly a century, unusually high temperatures and strong winds have fueled more than 20 uncontained fires, spreading firefighting resources thin, said April Saginor, a spokeswoman for the Texas Forest Service. “We’re seeing it from border to border,” Saginor said Tuesday. “They’re spanning the entire state right now.” Since January, 797 wildfires have broken out across Texas, destroying 285 structures. This week, four smaller fires converged into what is known as the PK Complex Fire. It grew significantly overnight and had charred more than 147,000 acres in Stephens and Pinto counties near Possum Kingdom Lake, about 100 miles west of Fort Worth, by Tuesday. Strawn, Bunger and other communities in the area were evacuated. The blaze destroyed at least 31 homes and threatened more than 600, the Forest Service reported. –LA Times
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One Response to Texas battle worst forest fires in 90 years- 1.4 million acres up in flames

  1. nibikwe says:

    The incessant application of geoengineered weather, which continues to be specifically directed/targeted to meet goals of the ‘deciders’ begs the question here…why not make it rain over this devastating and destructive Texas fire? Hmmmm.


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