Dead fish in Ventura Harbor adds to list of mysteries concerning recent marine kills

April 19, 2011LOS ANGELES, Ca. – In Ventura County, a mass of sardines that crowded into the harbor has died. The harbormaster found the dead fish on Monday after about 1,000 sardines turned up near the shopping center at Ventura Harbor’s south end. Live sardines had crowded the area for a week and harbor officials lowered aerators into the water — just like aquarium keepers might pump in air — with the aim of saving some sardines. Observers say the fish looked as if they ran out of oxygen. Volunteers skimmed up 6 tons of fish in Ventura so far, and if this story sounds familiar, it’s because early last month about 175 tons of sardines turned up dead in King Harbor in Redondo Beach. USC biologists who tested the King Harbor fish found domoic acid, a poison some algae produce. Researchers are examining whether exposure to a harmful algal bloom contributed to the fish kill in Redondo. State fish and game officials say some fish die-offs are normal — rough water or predators can chase fish into a harbor, or low-oxygen water can well up naturally from the deep. Scientists and state officials are working to explain both events. –SCPR
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12 Responses to Dead fish in Ventura Harbor adds to list of mysteries concerning recent marine kills

  1. Vickie says:

    If memory serves me correctly, the massive fish die off in Redondo happened just prior to the devastating quake in Japan. Does anyone think that this could be a sign of future earthquake activity?


    • We are due for another big quake due to stresses building on tectonic plates Vickie…I think what’s more disconcerting is the explosion of hypoxic areas off the coast of California. The currents driving waters off the coast of Japan make the circuit along the California coast- is something bad about to get a lot worse?


  2. a_lad says:

    Wasn’t Obama in L.A today 🙂


  3. Tina marie says:

    Alvin. I would like to get your book. I saw a while back where you posted a link for someone else. Could you please post it for me again so I can order it? Also, I have a question about the fish kill. The water seems to be becoming poison to so many animals. The reports keep saying these things happen sometimes every year, but that’s not really true is it? I’m sure they happen but not at the extreme we have seen in the last year right? I definately think a large quake is coming for the Pacific coast myself.


  4. Jamie says:

    I was watching something on the Discovery Channel last week and saw that they are doing a special on the Japan quake. In the short clip scientists were reporting that the “sequence is not over.” I think it a little too late in the day to give this “finding”.


  5. breathmints says:

    man i remember that some guy predicted an earthquake in california or oregon like 2 weeks after japan earthquake didnt happen.. now this? the news say the next likely big earthquake is going to be san francisco.. scary cuz i live 1 hour away.. ring of fire does point to pacific coast..but really i dont want to be affected by it.. and btw obama is in the bay area not LA .. unless la has facebook corp over there lol..


  6. Tina marie says:

    Thanks so much for posting both the links. I will be ordering your book first thing in the morning. The link on the dead zones was very informative and thought-provoking. I had no idea there was such a huge one on the Gulf Coast, that really blew me away. I’m ashamed to say I had never payed much attention to these kind of things before. I lived in the south for 17 years and have visited much of the Gulf area. I guess in my defense and the majority of others who most likely also have no idea this is going on, it’s not like these kinds of things get talked about by mainstream media. It seems as if unless you seek it out or are lucky enough to be able to follow your site, you don’t hear about alot of the relevent things going on in the world. Most of the world is asleep and not seeking out this knowledge anyway. Again many thanks for all your hard work keeping those of us who do want to know informed. God Bless.


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