5.9 earthquake shakes central America

April 14, 2011 – A 5.9 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 56.2 km have struck near the coast of Nicaragua. The earthquake on the Cocos plate is another indication of pressure on the Caribbean.
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26 Responses to 5.9 earthquake shakes central America

  1. john Dyson says:

    The most beautifulthing about this site, if there is a sneeze, its recorded + with a few side shows. yeah, at last !


  2. Laura says:

    Alvin, do you think this could be a result of the swarm in Nevada? Or do you think Nevada is the Long Valley Caldera waking up?


  3. radioman54 says:

    I would like to encourage your readers to check out the archives here.They offer quite interesting reading.


  4. Raymon says:

    I have family in Costa Rica… The area has been fairly quiet for several years. Do you think we will see more earthquakes occurring in that area?

    Also on a side note, I saw on usgs that there was an earthquake near the north pole. In greenland sea… is that normal?


    • Raymon, the Caribbean plate, of which Costa Rica is apart is agitated and unsettled. Another large quake is due for this region soon but we just have to watch——500 million people in the world live in seismically high-risk zones. When the region becomes a hazard zone, then you start to worry- that is not now the case. We have to live in awareness, but not fear. The Arctic has been having a lot of seismic activity since 1990, the heavy swarms of quakes were studied by geologist over a 11 year span and were attributed to submarine volcanism —— this Greenland region has seen its second such quake this year. It’s something to keep an eye on.


  5. agron says:

    Alvin, what will you do when its america’s turn in stress and suffering?


    • Argon, no country is immune…and I will do the same thing I’ve been doing since I started this message in 2009- keep getting the word out. I know what’s coming…


      • mark says:

        Alvin: you said you know what’s coming. What is it that you believe is coming?

        Would you be averse to giving a short bio on yourself?

        I enjoy your information. most helpful. thanks

        Mark from Central Coast of CA


      • A scale of incessant cascading destruction that will imperil all life on this planet. There is nothing in the imagination of man that could conjure up such imagery; yet this is the fate that awaits this planet. None of us should take any of this lightly. These events, we are experiencing now, are but gentle whisks of wind rushing through the fingers of mighty angels which excel in strength, assigned to hold the forces of destruction in check until the servants of God have been sealed in their foreheads. (Rev 7:1-3) Such a storm is brewing on the horizon that men will scarcely be able to comprehend the scale of it or breathe between episodes. Fire is stirring under the earth, and the ground will quake like a reed tossed in a mighty tempest. Violent forces of sky and heaven will join in chorus to shake Earth at its foundations. Fearful and solemn are the events arrayed before us- now is the time all should explore the confines of divine love, ponder the course of life and discover why each of us are here- as science and every earthly institution will fail us in this most urgent hour. One these events began in earnest; they will march through time unimpeded.


  6. MeanGirl says:

    Nevada’s had about 30 just today and I counted that at about 4:30pm so I’m sure there’s more. What’s causing these sudden aggravations?


  7. Claudia says:

    Well, there have been three consecutive and increasingly stronger quakes in the last two days in Nicaragua. Yesterday morning a small 2.8, on the Tiscapa fault, the one that caused the major Managua 1972 earthquake and had not been active since then, then later at night one just off the northern Pacific coast of Nicaragua, near its border with Honduras. It was a 4.4 and now today’s 5.9. It’s kinda of scaring me a bit to be quite frank, as I am in Managua right now. I’ve also noticed a fairly unusual amount of coackroches coming out. I’ve been here for more than six months and have seen maybe one or 2, but in the past two days we’ve killed at least 10 that are coming into the house. Maybe it’s unrelated and it’s just the heat, but still…I’m keeping a flashlight at my bedside just in case…


  8. saisuji says:

    Hi Alvin,seismic activity seems to have escalated sharply since yesterday across various parts of the globe.Today there has already been 4+ quakes in tonga, greece, south sandwich islands, banda sea, japan. Is this due to the upcoming full moon perigee on the 17th? Regards Suji


  9. saisuji says:

    Alvin ,what’s going on today?There’s been a 5.4 quake in Alaska and a 4.7 in China.This is getting scarier. Suji


    • I’ve seen this pattern before and there are numerous quakes along tectonic boundaries- not strange at all, but you can see from their diffusion across the globe that this process is building towards another outbreak of a large-scale quake.


  10. Michael says:

    The moon is approaching perigee aswell, seems like these days it hits the fan more often than not at that time of the month. Changing the subject…does anybody think that those inflatable rubber balls that people get into to survive avalanches would be any good in a tsunami ??


    • Dave says:

      In theory this idea would be good, but considering the mount of debris that a tsunami can pick up i’m imagine it would just get popped and then you are trapped effectively and will drown.

      Minus debris/buildings good, otherwise not IMO.


  11. Pagan says:

    All these quake swarms in the US are concerning me. I have family in Sunnyvale, should I suggest they hasten to take a flying visit Down Under?



    • Pagan, when events are incessant—- I think then it will be time to ponder such things. The Earth is waking up, magmatic pressures are increasing and tectonic plates are restless.


      • Pagan says:

        Yes, you’re right. Once these events escalate to the point where there’s not a flicker of doubt as to what is happening then there will be panic en masse. People will find it extremely difficult to escape large urban centres. I suppose what is really bugging me is that my loved ones – who call me the eccentric one – will realize far too late their blindness & be trapped far away from me. Nowhere will be safe, I know that, but I’d like to think that when faced with the trials which are coming that I’d be surrounded by my loved ones who give me such strength & love.

        Blessings Alvin


  12. dublinmick says:

    The Arenal volcano in Costa Rico is one to keep an eye on. If an eruption there cuts a swath from the Pacific to the Atlantic, the world’s weather can change in the twinkling of an eye.


  13. pam says:

    Seems to be a series of EQs in Nevada, which I never really thought of as seismically active.


  14. Emily says:

    We just had a 5.2 in Townsville, QLD, Australia!!


  15. raven73au says:

    Mag 5.2 Qld Australia today
    Mag 5.2 Christchurch Nz also today. 😦


  16. radioman54 says:

    Taking a cue from Japan,the very real threat of a nuclear wasteland due to plants being destroyed by geological upheaval is certainly possilble. No need for an overactive imagination there. Should such events take place with multiple plants sustaining major damage, being on the surface ofcourse would be a death sentence even if a person survived the natural disasters.


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