ヨモギ – 400,000 could develop cancers within 200 km radius of Fukushima

(c) RT News 2011
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14 Responses to ヨモギ – 400,000 could develop cancers within 200 km radius of Fukushima

  1. Brandon says:


    I know this is unrelated, but here’s a link from a skeptic of natural disasters leading up to 2012. Are you one of those that are cashing in on 2012? I mean no offense my friend. Just wondering if you are or if there really is a legitimate threat coming in 2012. Here’s the link. http://www.just2012.com/2012-japan-earthquake-tsunami-prophecy-and-doomsday-theorists/


    • 2012 is a date on a Mayan calendar. My book is about an extinction event happening now which will see the destruction of this planet and the gold and silver cast in the streets- nothing will save or deliver the soul of man from certain catastrophe other than providence. In such a case, what is the purpose of money? Ask those who criticize such writers, what have they written? Jealously comes in many disquises friend, and they are all satanic traits in character. It’s what led to Lucifer’s fall. Here’s what I do know- People don’t won’t to do anything nor do they want to see anybody else do anything. It takes no mind, creativity or imagination to sit on the sidelines and criticize other people- so what is the intrinsic value of an opinion? Zero. I don’t judge anyone motives and I certainly don’t insult people I don’t know.


      • Nickie says:

        Well said Alvin! Again I say ‘the courage, vision, and sense, to speak out! Bravo!’
        Brandon, I believe it is right to question and not take anything at face value. Investigate, read, read, read, search out scientists who are not afraid to speak the truth & read what they have to say, – Compare their findings with those speaking out, without a scientific background.
        Yes, I know, it is a laborious task, BUT if such forward thinking scientists & people like Alvin are right, can we afford not to?
        It may well be that we can do nothing to stop events physically, but even to be prepared mentally & emotionally (let alone Spiritually) could mean so much difference, both individually & collectively.
        One can only bury their head in the denial for so long (Not directed at you Brandon), sooner or later Truth becomes self-evident & cannot be hidden.
        I am expecting your book to arrive any day now Alvin, – Eagerly anticipated!
        Well wishes to all


      • Nickie, glad the book found you. I hope some things contained therein will resonate.

        Peace and blessings,



  2. Kelly says:

    Depressing. Just depressing. Praying.

    Sorrow doesnt even began to describe what I feel at times. Come quickly Lord Jesus I dont want anyone else to develop cancer.


  3. Chondra says:

    I can’t open the video…navagation is always cancelled.


  4. newsblok.com says:

    as horrible as the thought is, I think millions are likely to develop it worldwide. We have been kept in the dark about the real dangers of Fukushima by the mainstream media, it is much worse than being portrayed. It was detected in US milk, rain & tapwater weeks ago, yet the EPA & other agencies act like there is nothing to worry about. Same EPA that tried telling us Plutonium isn’t that dangerous…

    And judging by recent videos of Tokyo (pretty much sinking) coupled with the next iminent massive EQ, things are only going to get worse 😦



  5. Isis says:

    Our only hope is Divine Intervention …. we need the Angelic Cavalry of Calvary … things have gone to far, here in Japan and all over …


  6. Nickie says:

    Good to see a Scientist with the courage, vision, and sense, to speak out! Bravo! Hope others will take your lead (and that the press gives them ‘air time’)


  7. Tiffany Marie says:

    I am thankful for this site. Things are changing on the earth and he doesnt think the world will end in 2012 right Alvin? Anyways I am thankful to this site and many others because the media doesnt report have the stuff you do.

    God Bless


    • Correct, I have never said the world will end in 2012. What I have said is that it is an extinction event we’re in and it will run its course according to geological processes that will result in Earth death unless the process ends.


  8. Brandon says:


    Is there a good chance that this geological process will stop before we get wiped out? And if it doesn’t stop then how long do we have before it accelerates to the point where our species is under threat? Thirdly, are the world governments doing anything in preparation for this or are they clueless to what’s coming? God bless you my friend.



    • Brandon, I believe the arrow of time under the law of thermodynamics is irreversible. At some point, I don’t know when, things will blindly escalate to a point where the entire planet will be engulfed in a crisis. This now appears to be consistent with the geological trail of evidence indicating an escalation. It’s also consistent with all the tales of the destructions coming at the end of world ages, in all the cultures I found. In most instances, the world was never put back together the same again after the catastrophes and the survivors saw their descendants in successive generations diminish in strength, height, appearance and intellect- thus each age destruction is described as a process going from gold to silver to corruptible base metal (indicating deterioration). This imagery is used in the 2nd chapter of the book of Daniel concerning the staute of the kingdoms of time and we find something similar in the Vedic view of world ages. The governments know- and are making preparations for the coming crisis as this is inevitable and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

      God bless,



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