Global planetary tremor sends seismometers into the black

April 12, 2011JAPAN – Following the 6.2 quake that hit eastern Japan, telemetry data from seismographs across the planet registered very dense bands of seismic disturbances- indicating there were massive movements along tectonic plate boundaries. These events are happening now every 72 to 96 hours on average and have been increasing their frequency cycle of occurrence every since the massive 9.0 earthquake struck off the eastern coast of Japan on March 11, 2011. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the planet is becoming more unstable after the mega-thrust quake ruptured the sea-floor off the coast of Japan and is now more sensitive to tectonic plate movements after the earthquake afflicted the planet. Below are recent readings from seismographs highlighting areas across the globe which registered strong disturbances. –The Extinction Protocol
(left) Dense bands of activity under China and Japan (right)
(left) Troubling patterns seen in Dominican Republic (Caribbean) and (right) Johnston Island in the Pacific
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37 Responses to Global planetary tremor sends seismometers into the black

  1. ed bailey says:

    This is an unusual event that seems to have the attention of your group. Is the possibility there for widespread earthquake/volcanic activities to continue and cause the doomsday scenario? The possibility is unpredictable I’m sure! The plates could also ‘settle down’ and stay quite for eons also, if our crystal ball was only better!!!!


    • It’s possible Ed but like the sands in an hour glass, each falling grain releases the tension held by another. Quakes are deforming the geological features of the planet, altering centers of gravity
      Volcanoes are awakening from dormancy and remaining active and the temperatures in the oceans is likewise rising from submarine volcanism. These processes even if they halted, would still lead to a more geologically deformed planet which could be further manipulated by future catastrophic events of nature. This process will likely run its course and we will awaken in a new geological epoch. It’s tragic its happening now with 6.7 billion people walking the earth and still making plans for the future.


      • Susan says:

        And we know what happens when the ocean gains temperatures, hurricane’s form. This year and next truly are going to be hellish years.


    • eva says:

      the last large earth cataclysm happened in the ice age records about 11.500 years ago when the saber tooth tiger and the hairy mammoth went exctint. The next earth change is about 11,500 years from then – (calculate!) … that is NOW!!! That is not scare mongering, but scientific fact! Also, the Venus Transit calendars of ancient cultures (that you apparently not familiar with?) predicting major cataclysm for the next few years.


  2. Paula says:

    Just watching the same seismic bands go into the black. Its a wonder and our planet is reeling. Bless everyone, everywhere.


  3. Mara Baldomino says:

    So many are yet to realize that life as we know it is no more.
    What we can do for our remainder of our time on this earth plane is to love one another, assist one another and embrace one another with compassion.

    In love


  4. Mara Baldomino says:

    Wow Japan raised their level to 7

    What does this mean beloved?


    • The area is now a radioactive hazard that cannot be salvaged. Full containment measures must be implemented because meterological conditions (rain, wind) could aid in the dispersal of radiation. A permanent evacuation zone will be set up, and the reactor housing will have to be contained- likely in a concrete dome, and covered by walls of Earth. This could be only the beginning of an unfortunate domino effect of more reactor failures…and meanwhile; the quakes continue…


  5. This is a time to be faithful to God.


  6. Bundy says:

    Alvin where are you gonna be near the end? Is there any room in your “lifeboat”for a large family from New Zealand. We’re all house trained ( well mostly,perhaps not hubby,I use his profile on facebook) I’ll even bring a packet of chips (BBQ,I think would be fitting) I would even “dust” for ya (you’ll be needing alot of dusting from all the volcanic ash)…..Geeze on a serious note, it’s becoming very apparent the planets in trouble. Keep up the good work,you’re doing a great job!


  7. Xavier says:

    We should expect yet another major quake soon. These will further activate known as well as unknown volcanoes, on earth and in sea.


    The article is old, but gives enough glimpse of the horrors that would surely visit the earth.

    In Christ


  8. Penny says:

    Can i come to ill be good i promise LOL!! i agree looks like things are getting worse were seeing a lot of these planetry tremors…never seen LISS so active as of late.


  9. Eva McConnell says:

    Let us all remember that Jesus gave us His Peace, also we can’t “be snatched out of His hand”
    47 years ago I had a dream about the end of the world. There were only a few people left (The remnant?) but we were rescued and told that we were being taken Home. The glimpse I had was of a new Earth and new Heaven where there was perpetual light like a million stars. The dream was very vivid and very frightening as at that time I didn’t know the Bible and although I believed in Jesus I didn’t go to church and was more interested in science.
    However, at the beiginning of the dream “we” were in a particular street which I didn’t recognize until we moved to Hemel Hempstead 10 years later and on our first walk along the Old Hight St recognized as the place in my dream.

    In 1998 (now a Born Again Christian!) I had a Word from the Lord one afternoon when walking my dogs. It was a Thursday in February and the time 2.30. The Lord said; “You must be Holy for I am sending judgment on the Earth”
    That evening I went to a Christian meeting and before we started our worship, the leader said he had a message from the Lord at 2.30 that afternoon, and he repeated what had been told me. See Genesis 41:32.

    Shortly before that The Lord told me one day that “The dry bones are coming together”. Amen and Amen.
    Lord, bless and help the people of Japan and give your people wisdom to understand the signs of these last days, Amen.


  10. markosity1973 says:

    Excellent work once again Alvin. I am watching the seismic action with great interest.

    So far so lucky for the rest of the planet, but for how much longer??


  11. Marcel says:

    Mother Gaia is starting to shine frome within. She/we have to change garment for the great party of freedom. So all life forms shine and our heart sings in prey for who created such unimaginable beauty.


  12. Eden says:

    I received my copy of your book yesterday & havent been able to put it down. I’ve never been so spooked by written words in my lifetime as I am now, reading yours. It’s not that I am frightened of what is to come, it’s having my personal beliefs spread out in front of me & made real. That’s the spooky part. I’ve always held onto the slim hope that I was mistaken. Everything I have felt that was wrong with this planet & things that I havent been quite able to grasp but have known were right have been illuminated for me. I give you my deepest thanks & regards for giving me this precious gift. I will not be wasting it.

    I have always known that I was living in End Times. As a child I dreamt of cities underwater & numbered marks on the foreheads of people. During an NDE in ’92 I met celestial beings who spoke to me of trials in the coming years, unbelievable heartbreak, fear & pain for us on a magnitude & scope that is difficult to translate into words. I have only spoken of these things to selected people because I made the mistake of speaking indiscriminately within a few hours of being brought back & was labelled an alarmist & became a curiosity. I also was extensively interviewed by doctors, psychologists & certain government departments who advised me anything I’d experienced whilst in a “Coma” was due to morphine & other drugs. I applaud your courage & fortitude in going public.

    Blessings, Peace & Light


  13. Debora says:

    Thanks for this information. Could you post a link to those seismographs? I used to have it but since a recent computer crash I haven’t been able to rebuild all my links. Thank you!


  14. Blacktail says:

    Hi alvin,

    it could be possible to share your link about some seismograms please 😉 ?


  15. David says:

    I am wondering if anyone has some good reading on “planetary tremors.” Trying to really look into the whole idea but not much is available besides here. Not that it doesn’t seem to be what is occurring.


    • David, I’m one of the first to report on them. There is no scientific consensus yet about what is seismically perturbing the planet to a greater and greater degree of instability.


    • ICA says:

      It does make some sense however, like a bell when struck the vibration is felt all over. Or flick a water balloon, the wave does travel throughout the surface, maybe not much, but the energy does reverberate.


      • David says:

        I would surmise then that the force striking our bell is related to the output of the sun. We are talking about a spinning electromagnetic dynamo at the core of the earth. When the sun released energy just before the Japan quake it affected the planet. Also I would consider the moon exerting stress plus the possibilty of the density of the space we are traveling through in the Milky Way causing turbulence.


  16. Kia says:

    Is this relevant Alvin?

    US scientists discovered two giant whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Guyana and Suriname.


  17. Nick says:

    Thanks Eva McConnell for sharing that. I have seen an amazing reaction from people I personally know who are atheist, etc. who have suddenly come to me asking me about Christ. Its the strangest thing because before they let me talk about Christ but they had no interest and I never pushed it on them but now more and more people who are nonbelievers as well as believers of other faiths are saying they have had dreams/visions and other experiences about Christ. It is truly amazing!

    God Bless those in Japan and anywhere else in the world were people are struggling.
    Its sooooo heartbreaking to watch people suffer. God be with them in their hour of need and I pray they find comfort in the arms of Christ.


    • J Guffey says:

      Enjoyed your testimony Nick. It’s seems with all that’s going on, more and more people will begin to be willing to listen to Christian. This ‘ole world (especially now) offers very little, but oh what Christ offers.

      Maybe (very soon) there will be many more with stories like yours.

      God bless you.


  18. michael says:

    On march 9, 2011 I woke up and checked LISS. I was horrified for it was a blackout. Also noticed an increased amount of M5 EQ’s in the Japan region. I even printed the LISS pages and showed it to my partner. He just jokingly said, where will the next EQ be? I replied, I do not know, but these graphs are indicating something very bad to happen soon. 11 March…..
    I do not know if I am imagining things, but each time we have a wobble, my ears are “ringing” for hours on end. As we speak LISS is quiet, so are my ears. Is it possible?


    • Sheila S says:

      I have heard many others saying the same thing about the ringing in their ears, especially those over here on the West Coast of the US.


  19. Owen Reese says:

    I think there is something to do with the number 72 which was brought to my attention in a conversation on in the BIN Radio – The Round Table from two days ago. 72 was mentioned by a fellow named Ira who joined then conversation about mid way. Any how I’m thinking the earth is reacting to external energy. Perhaps the source of it at a distance of:
    or perhaps it has something to do with spherical resonance.


  20. Marcel says:

    Once I got lost whithin the amazon jungle. Wild hogs were everywere- but they did not bother me. The jaguars, just wachting.
    Completly without defense, I had no future… just walking in the rain.
    Sudenly, a feeling of silence. My body was shaking of fear, but I was in peace.
    Life pulsating all arround.
    I was out – of the human ego… so beautifull.
    We can stay in dignity to to end. Because life is.


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