Feral flocks of chickens terrorize neighborhoods in New Orleans

“The survivors will abandon the surface of the planet. Once again, the animals will rule the world.” 12 Monkeys   The hands on the clock are on 20:12 reversed. Could this be anymore ironic?
April 12, 2011NEW ORLEANS – Since Hurricane Katrina, Ruby Melton’s 9th Ward enclave has welcomed a new species of neighbor: clucking, crowing, prancing chickens that dart across streets and nest in the trees. We don’t have stray dogs any more,” said Melton, 68. “But everyone I talk to has stray chickens.” Most people figure that the wild birds descended from domesticated fowl that escaped backyard coops after the storm. Since then, the population has boomed, with the local SPCA chapter now dispatching officers weekly to catch feral chickens, spokeswoman Katherine LeBlanc said. Most calls hinge on neighbors’ irritation with ear-piercing squawks, she said, rather than complaints about chicken droppings or attacks on pets or children. The birds don’t appear to be fugitives from the growing number of New Orleans homesteaders who raise chickens for eggs and meat. Animal control officers place the stray chickens with a farmer they call the Chicken Man, LeBlanc said, noting that capturing the creatures is “extremely hard” and often requires the effort of several officers. Several 7th Ward chickens commute between two empty lots on opposite sides of Touro Street. Cynthia Stampley, who has lived on the block for 30 years, said that until Katrina, she’d never seen such a proliferation of wild chickens. Other cities have waged high-profile battles with chickens. After neighbors complained last year, animal-control workers in the Bronx removed 35 chickens that were “believed to be the city’s largest brood of wild chickens,” according to a newspaper report. Philadelphia, Miami and Phoenix also have also had dustups over the birds. A few years ago, Key West, Fla., hired a municipal chicken wrangler to keep its bird populations under control. –Nola
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2 Responses to Feral flocks of chickens terrorize neighborhoods in New Orleans

  1. radiogirl says:

    I love my Louisiana neighbors ….it won’t be long before somebody takes a lid off a pot and put those chickens to good use in little bita gumbo!


  2. Chickens are edible, so I don’t see the problem here. Just call open season.


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