New eruptions reported at Etna volcano in Italy

April 11, 2011SICILY – Etna has sprung back to life as April opens, with new eruptions from the Southeast Crater Cone. Friday and Saturday (April 8-9), the Italian volcano produced some ash and a 3-km lava flow, but then quieted. However, the seismicity under the volcano continued and late tonight into today (April 10), Etna starting producing small strombolian explosions from the Southeast Crater Cone. –Big Think
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11 Responses to New eruptions reported at Etna volcano in Italy

  1. shroomy says:

    Alvin, do you think that with the increased seismic activity around the world that we could see multiple volcanoes pop at the sometime? I think if the caulderas go it would be insane.


    • That’s exactly the scenario we will be facing when this geological crisis reaches critical mass.


      • Wiseguy says:

        Alvin, the way you answered, this is so funny… Telling us apocalyptic events just like that, so natural… Don’t you think, magma pressure would be release little by little from volcanoes around the world. Do you agree with the theory of earth expansion and this is why it’s all over the planet. Wish your book would be in eBook, this way I could translate some complex parts in French… Ho well, c’est la vie…


      • Sorry, Wiseguy…this is just so second nature to me that it’s like I’ve already lived it. I think in the future, there will be a radical tilt of intensity. The Earth natually accrete mass, so it is always expanding. The fluid expansion of the planet is the concern here because magma is under tremendous pressures. A e-book version will be forthcoming in the future- I’ll keep everyone posted.


  2. Luke says:

    How much time do we have left ?


  3. Yes, I think we could see as many as three on land possibly erupt and perhaps several more under the oceans. This could happen either when these earthchanges reaches critical mass or from massive movements of tectonic plates.


  4. radiogirl says:

    EP…….with so much information at its disposal..are the governments of the world bracing for these changes. I would love to hear that conversation in the situation room. Having been a member of the would not be long for me to stick out head and access current climate of the planet and latch on to the trail of information. Its easy(at least comprehend) for people to digest we are at war and deal with what may happen…not so easy for people to grasp the entire earth lurching and exploding its complete mass…..and yet we appear to be slip sliding away.

    As well…Katy Couric , Mereidith Vieira Oprah have all ended their TV shows..what gives there.


  5. Prion says:


    What if you dont have an underground bunker- is that just pretty much it? Between the ash, toppling furniture and tsunamis, how will even the Elite bunkered underground escape the searing heat of the Northern Hemishpere’s thousands of nuke power plants melting down, stockpiles of chem-bio-nukes combusting- I mean can anyone make it out alive? Where should the average shlump go or do? Inotice manay Israelis buying up land in Patagonia?


    • I don’t have a bunker nor do I even ponder such things. The quest to make the book and this blog even possible began years ago and the journey scorched a pathway right through the wall of impossible by the power, love and providence of the God I know and love. I would rather be in the circle of God’s providence than anyplace deemed safe on Earth. I can’t speak for everyone as this is my experience and my enlightenment in my life.

      I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust
      Thou shall not be afraid of the terror by day; nor of the pestilence that walketh in darkness
      Nor the destruction that wasteth at noon day
      There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling
      Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High thy habitation.

      Psalm 91


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