Worms rain down from cloudless sky in Galashiels Scotland

April 7, 2011Galashiels, SCOTLAND – A PE class had to run for cover as it started raining worms. Teacher David Crichton was leading a group of pupils playing football at Galashiels Academy when dozens of the invertebrates began plummeting from the sky. The 22 second-year boys had to abandon their lesson. Mr. Crichton said the children had just completed their warm-up when they began to hear “soft thudding” on the ground. The class then looked to the cloudless sky – and saw worms falling on to them. Mr. Chrichton, 26, said he was baffled by the incident, with teachers later finding more worms spread across a tennis court almost 100 yards away. Mr. Crichton said: “We went out to one of our outdoor areas – an all-weather Astroturf pitch. “We were out playing football and had just done our warm-up and were about to start the next part of the lesson. “We started hearing this wee thudding noise on the ground. “There were about 20 worms already on the ground at this point. Then they just kept coming down. “The kids were laughing but some were covering their heads and others were running for cover for a while. “The just scattered to get out of the way.” The teacher scooped up handfuls of the worms that had fallen from the sky as proof they had landed on his class. Mr. Crichton said he and his colleagues eventually found about 120 worms after checking the artificial football pitch and tennis courts… The incident in Galashiels is believed to have been caused by freak weather over a nearby river lifting water and worms and dumping it over the road. Similar events were recorded in 1872 in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1877 in Christiana, Norway, and in 1924 in Halmstad, Sweden. In July 2007 a woman was crossing a road in Louisiana when large clumps of tangled worms dropped from above.  –Scotsman
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13 Responses to Worms rain down from cloudless sky in Galashiels Scotland

  1. Ringlerum says:

    Odd, checked the Weather for April 6th, 2011 through Scottland, epecially Galashiels, Scotland and no rain, storms or high winds. They were playing in clear weather also.
    That is why the news has called it a “Freak storm”, since they can’t explain it. Problem is no one witnessed a freak storm in any part of the country. all the sky’s above Scotland were clear. No REAL EXPLANATION.


  2. Lucy says:

    Ok I just clicked on your site and this headline hit me in the face. I was like worms falling from a cloudless sky? The weirdest headline. Seriously. I thought things couldnt get any more weirder in the world but I was wrong.

    ‘The incident in Galashiels is believed to have been caused by freak weather over a nearby river lifting water and worms and dumping it over the road’

    Ok I am not that smart but when did worms live in rivers? I know they come out when it rains on the ground but how did they get in the river? hmmm it just isnt clicking

    Well just more signs I believe. God Bless you for this site.


  3. Carol says:

    What kind of freak weather picks up river water & worms & dumps them? Is there a name for this type of phenomenon? I can’t imagine this happening without a visible cloud in the sky? Was it a waterspout?


  4. Megan Vance says:

    It happened as they were “worming up”, lol. No, seriously this is very strange. I am glad I stumbled upon this site and signed up for the emails. I just received your book from Amazon.
    Thanks for your hard work. I don’t think most people really understand what is going on. I was wondering, if you say the world ends in 2012, when do you think the Rapture of the church might fit into all of this? Because we know that the earth will still have to undergo seven years of tribulation.
    Thanks, Alvin.


  5. Jamie says:

    Wait, wait! If the “Freak” storm picked the worms up from a nearby river then there must have been some water involved….unless…….this freakish storm had the ability to EXTRACT the worms from the river without disturbing the water? OR! Maybe the worms propelled themselves into the “freak” storm…that did not exist?



  6. NickKo says:

    The first thing I thought when I read this headline, is that there was a waterspout or tornado involved.
    However, tornadoes are rare in that part of the world, and folks are saying that there were no storms in the vicinity when this occurred ? Can this be confirmed ?
    Quite strange.


  7. MeanGirl says:

    The media always replaces “WTF!?” with “freak”


  8. Wow… that’s soo strange. There’s so much happening in the world right now though that very little is surprising to me. I must say, that would be freaky though to suddenly be under falling worms, aah.


  9. Dave says:

    High winds off the western coast of Africa, where most hurricanes begin, have been known to make it “rain” frogs and locusts hundreds of miles out at sea. I don’t know how worms would be sucked from the ground, though.


  10. declan says:

    As a pupil at galashiels academy I can confirm this did happen and.to this day we still take the mick out of him


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