60 die in flooding in Namibia

April 4, 2011 WINDHOEK – Record floods have hit central and northern Namibia, killing more than 60 people in the last week and causing millions of dollars of damage to roads, bridges and crops, officials said on Monday. “Over 20,000 people have been displaced,” government disaster chief Japhet Iitenge said, adding that helicopters, boats and four-wheel drive vehicles had been deployed to evacuate communities and distribute emergency relief. “We are still awaiting reports on damages.” The sparsely populated southwest African country suffered its previous worst flooding in 2009. The World Bank estimated damage then at $620 million, nearly 10 percent of gross domestic product. “We have improved a lot of infrastructure since then so damage to roads and bridges is less, but the losses to private property and the agricultural sector could be significant,” Iitenge said. Weather forecasters said water levels in the north, near the border with Angola, were on the rise again. “We measured an increase of eight centimeters in the weekend, indicating another flood wave is on its way,” said Guido van Langenhove, the head of Hydrology at the Department of Water. –Reuters
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5 Responses to 60 die in flooding in Namibia

  1. Jamie says:

    My heart goes out to all that are experiencing these catastrophes. This is a slow burn. Perhaps giving us time to get our “houses” in order.


  2. Daniel gilfry says:

    I couldn’t be any less surprised. We don’t need E.T. comets or sunbursts – we are doing a dandy job all by ourselves! How could any planet survive our greed?!?


  3. daniel gilfry says:

    It has to be said that it is totally a sign of the times when items like this are lined up like ducks in a row and nobody even cares enough to fire off a few verbal shots. Free!If you go to a site about dirty toenails or piles or instructions on how to fart the National Anthem, you will find at least a thousand other visitors. A site of this importance, on the other hand, is as barren as the Gobi desert! Is this what they meant in the Bible when they talked about all the signs at the end of time and nobody even giving a crap? People, we have more than three billion poor souls on our planet who are starving and we throw OUT more food than they see in a lifetime every day! If our lazy, greedy way of life is the cause of climate change and global climate disasters I would not care to say. All I WILL say is that slobs like us, who refuse to love and cherish this (once) beautiful planet we were given, most definitely deserve what we get!!!!! Daniel Gilfry C. A. M. P. Intl Freedom Party


  4. Ya'aqov says:

    My heart goes out to all that are experiencing these catastrophes: may the health and blessing of Yah rest upon each soul that have suffered lost….Perhaps this will give us all time to get our “lives” in line… To love each other, to care and see we are a people, one nation under thee power of one creater…


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