Mounting disasters see doomsday bunker sales skyrocket 1000%

April 1, 2011 ARIZONA – Reservations for a doomsday bunker in the U.S. have rocketed since Japan’s catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. The 137,000sq ft bunker – designed to house 950 people for a year and withstand a 50 megaton blast – is currently being built under the grasslands of Nebraska. Vivos, the California-based company behind it, is taking $5,000 (£3,100) deposits, which will have to be topped up to $25,000 (£15,600) to secure a place. It says applications have soared 1000 per cent in the wake of the disasters in Japan. And the bunkers will be kitted out with all the modern conveniences the American consumer has come to expect. Once finished the complex will feature four levels of residential suites, a dental and medical center, kitchens, pet kennels, a bakery, a prayer room, a fully stocked wine cellar and even a prison to detain any misbehaving residents. There will also be a 350ft tall lookout tower so residents can see what is going on around them – and if it’s safe to emerge. ‘People are afraid of the earth-changing events and ripple effects of the earthquake, which led to tsunamis, the nuclear.  –Mail UK
(c) CNN 2011
See rich Americans prepare for 2012 doomsday:
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9 Responses to Mounting disasters see doomsday bunker sales skyrocket 1000%

  1. The girl that did that CNN report will be one of many brain-dead sheeple caught by surprise. If your not afraid of whats going on, I suggest you take your pulse.


  2. Shawnta says:

    I saw you posted about this at least a month or two ago?
    Great work Alvin, you are ahead of the media.


  3. Mara Baldomino says:

    Love, truly love and than love some more.
    Be at peace…truly at peace and there is no fear.
    The ultimate journey is upon us, the question is…what is our choice.
    We have choices yes! Ask your higher Self and you will know that this experience has been but a blink of an eye. Now we get to go home to our pure state of formlessness.
    What an amazing roller coaster ride this has been, and what a fabulous journey we have lived. Bless and thank with a grateful heart all that have contributed.
    Bless you Alvin we are grateful for your contributions.
    In love.


  4. Brandon says:


    What is it with us humans? Are we so arrogant to think nothing bad could ever happen to us? We think the world as we know it could never end in our lifetime? They laughed and mocked Noah. Jesus said this time would be like that time.


    • Brandon, no one wants to think it can happen to them. Stars die and nova- it’s quite common for systems to crash in the universe. The law of entropy tells us everything will eventually run down and die- human civilization is no exception. The Bible, architectual legacies from the past, and the oral histories of the Hopi Indians have told us the First world of the Golden Age was unsurpassed in beauty and in man’s crowning achievements in the fields of science and engineering – however, in our time, we think our technical civilization is the pinnacle to which everything in human history has been building or evolving. It is arrogance. We’re just the latest trend in a cycle of man’s achievements and destruction- and we’re next. The only thing different about our world is the present feebleness of human constitution which has seen man design machines and computers to do what the body and mind could achieve, during the first eon, with relative ease.


  5. J Guffey says:

    As far as the bunkers, I have no plans to take such drastic measures. If we have such major Worldwide calamity (especially if it’s nuclear), I would just as soon die when it happens than be left. Look at the people of Japan. One woman interviewed even said, “It would have been better if I had died in the tsunami.” For those that trust in the Lord, the actual moment of death will be the beginning of a perfect eternal life with our heavenly Father and the end of all sorrow.
    Definitely don’t want to be on a planet that is mostly unlivable with unsafe food and water. Diseases will be rampant. Many of friends and loved one would be gone. People will be living in the dark ages again.
    As far as the bunkers, the theory is great in some ways. But just as power back-ups for Japan’s nuclear plants failed, they can fail in the bunkers. In a severe nuclear disaster it may not be safe to come out for years. Do you really think everything needed to sustain life for years will be stored in the bunker? It could be a slow death.
    Just not for me.


  6. Hello everyone…
    I’m a girl from Denmark, who just discovered this site, and it’s the best I’ve found so far and trust me, I’ve searched a lot!! I’ts quite difficult to find any information about weather events anywhere on news sites, only the biggest catastrophies gets attention. Even though, I think theres a pattern to be seen, i’ts almost like a puzzle… I’m also one who have been feeling that something is on it’s way, and it’s growing stronger each day. I’m a very sensible person and skeptical, but this feeling and all these “coincidences,” well it all speaks for itself really!
    I don’t have many here in Denmark to talk about these things with, even though people sense something to, they don’t want to think about it, but I want to be prepared….
    Alvin, how can I get hold of your book??
    I want to ask people here if any of you have heard about the supposedly hidden shelter underneath Denver airport?? well, and all over the US?
    And Alvin, do you think that solar storms predicted for 2012 could be the biggest threat to us, because it can cause vulcano eruptions and big earthquakes and also leave us wihtout power for months?? Well, I just have a feeling that it might be the one for the biggest concern…
    Last question, about the birds falling from the sky:–single-garden.html .
    I have my own theory that it’s because of changes in the earths magnetic field, so that they get traumatised and can’t find their way??
    So glad to have found this website
    Love, Mette


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