What’s behind Bulgaria’s mysterious quake swarm?

March 30, 2011BULGARIA – A new earthquake has been felt in the South-Eastern town of Yambol just a day after five tremors were registered in the course of 24 hours on Bulgarian territory, officials announced. The earthquake had a 2.4 magnitude on the Richter scale with an epicenter, located 230 kilometers southeast of Sofia. There were no reports of injuries and material damages. Five earthquakes have been registered since Monday night in the area near Stara Zagora and the town of Topolovgrad. –Novinite
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6 Responses to What’s behind Bulgaria’s mysterious quake swarm?

  1. Manuel V says:

    I’ve been feeling slight nausea and lack of balance since yesterday. Do not usually get sick like this. I have heard about piezomagnetism involved in underground crystals reacting to volcano or earthquake activity. Is there a possible human reaction to distortions in the earth’s magnetic field?

    M. V.


  2. I too have been experiencing veretigo and nausia and have heard the same thing happening to people on other web sites for months. It is happening all over the world and it seems to correspond with the Seismograph going dark or black but not every time it gets dark does it happen to me. When it does happen to me the seismo is dark or a world event has just happened. Some people say they get angry for no reason at this time.


    • Pagan says:

      For the last few months I have felt strange also. Occasionally it feels as if I’m on an amusement park ride which suddenly stops, leaving me swaying. Since it started happening I’ve thought it had something to do with magnetics, I don’t know why, I’m not a scientist but my instincts are telling me so.


  3. Watcher says:

    Interesting… My wife and I have had this lack of balance lately as well. At different times from each other.. but all within the last few weeks.


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