Hills crash into homes in northern California

March 30, 2011HERCULES, CA. – A waterlogged, collapsing hillside in Hercules has slopped onto four homes and is threatening four more, prompting authorities to evacuate all eight. Four were red-tagged last week, which prohibits residents from entering, and the city limited residents’ access to four more on Tuesday as the hillside, soaked after weeks of heavy rainfall, continued to slip. “The landslide has wrecked these people’s lives,” said Joseph Loo, who lives across from the eight threatened homes on Carson Street. “These people are losing their homes, their biggest investment, and now they have nowhere to go.” The hillside above Carson Street has been shifting on and off for at least a decade, city officials said, but the recent downpours have hastened the slide into backyards and under foundations of the upscale neighborhood in western Contra Costa County. Last week, mud oozed so close to four of the homes that the city ringed them with barricades and yellow safety tape. Inside the homes, workers could see cracked walls, broken windows and tilting floors where the mud pressed against the structure of the house. All four of those homes were already vacant, in part because of landslides. An additional house, at 215 Carson St., was razed several years ago when the advancing earth ruptured the foundation. The City Council was on the verge of declaring the area a disaster zone, to obtain state funding to repair infrastructure damage and help homeowners.  –SF Gate
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2 Responses to Hills crash into homes in northern California

  1. Kim says:

    That is so strange looking. Praying for those people.


  2. Zach says:

    Anyone selling Apocalypse insurance? Thanks for the update EP. Keep’em coming!


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