Australian lake fish kill mystify area residents

March 30, 2010AUSTRALIA – Dead mullet have been found floating on the surface of a Taree waterway for the second time in less than two months. The fish could be seen at the wetland near Nulama Village at Taree North yesterday, also the site of a similar fish kill in February. The heat and subsequent loss of oxygen from the water was blamed on that occasion but does not seem likely this time due to the much milder weather conditions. Some of the fish were found on the banks of the wetland, suggesting they may have jumped from the water. Experts from the Department of Fisheries were not available for comment yesterday. –Manning River Times
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18 Responses to Australian lake fish kill mystify area residents

  1. ArieZ says:

    I love how everything dying is attributed to lack of Oxygen or subtle Temperature changes…..I was reading into Oceanic Studies to see whats changed in the past few decades and from what I understand it’s more along the lines of the pollution and temperature change that is turning the waters of the world more Acidic which is destroying the foundations of Aquatic Life (Plankton etc etc). So yeah maybe there is less Oxygen but I believe the Acid levels are the problem..Like when growing most Plants they need a Nuetral PH to be able to absorb Oxygen.


  2. breathmints says:

    seem like by the time of end of 2012 we will have no more fish to eat!


  3. Edith Porter says:

    Fish looked like they may have jumped from the water? Gee…then we could probably
    conclude that something scared them right out of the water. They jumped on the bank
    to get away from this ‘something”. A “guess” would either be “tremors” being able to be
    felt in the water or suddenly something appearing or coming up from the river bed that was “toxic”. Perhaps it was something “toxic” coming up that caused the fish to suddenly not be able to intake oxygen from the water. Certain gases do that. Could a gas have been released, due to all the earthquakes and tremors in the area and that’s what suddenly caused the fish to jump right out of the water to get away from it?


    • Edith, it could be anything. It could be tremors or it could be some type of gas injected into water. I would love to examine some of these sites myself because it seems that we’re getting no closer to causality as these incidents multiply. What does seem to be a common denominator here in all these incidents is that ecosystems across the planet are crashing faster than they are reconstituting.


  4. shroomy says:

    Along with the sei whale found off of Virginia and a crap ton of fish and other whales that decided against staying alive in the water and becoming suicidal, I think they are really trying to tell us more then the depleted oxygen levels! But I believe wholeheartedly that we are in for a very rough next 2 years.


  5. jackie says:

    Landslide in the Whitsunday. Home evacuated as disaster declared in Nth Queensland town


    • Pagan says:

      My partner works in aquaculture on the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. They recorded a 5c temperature drop in the water overnight. Normally it is gradual as the cold currents from Antarctica drift North. No media here is reporting this. There was also the strange pack attack and fatal mauling of an abalone diver several weeks ago by two great white sharks, this too, is highly unusual as this species hunts and kills alone.



  6. Carol says:

    I checked my calculations and we’re now at 4.25 million animals that have died this year. I keep finding articles about mass animal deaths that weren’t previously reported (all reports stopped in Feb, so this is really only for a 2 mo period). It seems like a lot to me, but I don’t have anything previously to compare it to. What are your thoughts? Is this normal? If we continue at this rate we’ll be at 25 mil animal deaths for the year??


    • Deaths are normal but these Earthchanges are amplifying the effects and it will only get worse with time. As I said, we’re in an extinction…even before main-stream media reported it earlier this month. You consider the rate at which animals are dying, and how we’re losing key components of the biosphere and how fast ecosystems are crashing and the web of life is unraveling on the planet- and you get a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Bees pollinate one-third of all the food we eat and they’re dying out world-wide from Colony Collapse Disorder. Aquatic systems are crashing from hypoxia, birds are dying from H5N1 virus, and we’ve already lost more than one-million bats to a mysterious fungus for which there is no cure called White-nose syndrome. – Bats represent 25% of all mammal species on the planet.


  7. ArieZ says:

    Ok so I went digging for some answers to why the acid levels are rising and came across a recent legitimate article saying that basically we’re heading for another mass extinction like the site owner has been saying..I dont want to rewrite and plagerize anything so please read the article if interested..
    There is plenty of other Factors involved as with anything but this shows as close a direct link to whats causing the Algea Blooms and Die offs as I’ve read.. Sorry to post another Website for info on your page but it’s a good read for anybody interested.


  8. otay1 says:

    What we humans tend to do is look for one cause for everything rather than multiple insults interacting and intensifying complications.
    Putridity from millions of animal carcasses will also alter ph/oxygen levels/heat and algae bloom. How did millions of them die recently? Corexit millions of gallons of it. Untested microbes dumped on top of it. The oil is almost in third place dramatic as it is.
    There are many cascading factors, from solar heating, volcanic gasses, unprecedented TOXINS/POISONS, earthquakes, and more all depleting oxygen, raising opportunistic heat-loving algae bloom and killing the beneficial and critical oxygen producing food chain enhancing algae.
    If teargas is thrown people will immediately try to escape breathing the air. If toxins and gasses are intense sealife will seek to likewise escape.
    If there is an earthquake at hand both people and seadwellers seek safety.
    If there are unprecedented sonar levels it is intensely painful for whales who bleed from their ears and beach themselves to escape.
    All creatures attempt to escape that which is a threat to their survival whether or not we speculate about WHICH of hundreds severe threats is to blame in each case, or any case for that matter.
    Many of these things can be directly related to evils caused by man.
    Some are ‘naturally’ caused by nature.
    But it is my instinctive knowing millions of creatures would remain alive were it not for humans creating ‘natural’ accelerating mass murder around the globe.


  9. Jake says:

    I’ve read and heard opinions that the gulf oil spill posed a significant risk of breaking the loop current that regulates weather and temperature for the Atlantic. I would imagine that in turn would affect oceans the world over. If these ocean kill offs are due to temp fluctuations, could this be causing it?


    • I think there may be many factors and each case merits its own scientific inquiry. Temperature differentials, methane, hypoxia, pollution, acidity – it could be a host of problems. I think at this point, since these cases are mutiplying with such speed and frequency- someone needs to set-up a data-base replete with location of icident, description, and lab results because what we’re witnessing could be early signs of the death of marine ecosystems worldwide.


  10. tess subaan says:

    we are facing different kind of changes around us; land ,air ,water’s just like throwing a ball away and still it will go back to you. Like throwing of garbage around..if our sorroundings is free from any kind of pollution, toxic , garbage etc… our way of living is the only reason why mother earth is suffering from all of these, let’s educate ourselves and the most important is to put into practice ! Pray,meditate and show concern and support


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