Japan’s nightmare: 823 quakes after 9.0 and still shaking

A 6.3 (later downgraded to a 6.1) earthquake has struck off the east coast of Japan at the depth of 18.2 km. The number of quakes that have followed the March 11, 2011 Tōhoku 9.0 earthquake and tsunami now number about 823 and counting. The natural disasters have shattered Japan’s nuclear ambitions and put the country in peril of potential multiple meltdowns of the nuclear reactor facilities which facing over-heating issues.
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17 Responses to Japan’s nightmare: 823 quakes after 9.0 and still shaking

  1. J Guffey says:

    Knew there had been a lot, but no idea how many. Not sure, but aftershocks seem to me to more frequent and stronger than usual.


  2. Pastorken171 says:

    Do you think these major quakes are do to solar flares?


    • The connection between seismic quakes and solar activity is theoretical and has never been firmly established by science. It may be an external stressor but I think quakes are generated by geological forces under Earth’s surface. Tectonic plates dance over a sea of magma. Mountain ranges were created by geologic upheaval—-as was hydrocarbon reservoirs and many islands in the Pacific. My point is most of the things we take for granted on Earth’s surface were created by geological periods of dynamism. During this period, we will witness the power of these forces firsthand.


  3. Texas Listening Post says:

    From a layperson’s view, this does not seem to be an “event” as in the past, major quake then a few aftershocks. This seems to be a continuous disturbance on a magnitude not experienced by humans in the technological age. What is causing this constant stream of earthquakes is open: gravitational forces, core shifting, earth expanding etc. Whatever the real cause(s) something major is happening and should not be taken lightly. Those that might have a pretty good explanation, most likely no one cares to hear the answer.

    What about the large gash in the earth caused by the 9.0 earthquake? This gash was reported to be 200 miles long and 50 miles wide. Nothing additional has been mentioned, what is the significance of this new split in the earth. Is the gash an indication of events to come?


    • Every deformation in the planet geological features can be manipulated, often for ill, by future geological forces or worst by the stresses incurred in the planet’s angular momentum- as we are on a planet in dynamic motion. We’ve had two of the largest quakes ever alter the planet’s axis of rotation by 31-33 centimeters by creating gashes or redistributing mass in the Earth in 13 months. You like those odds, because I sure don’t.


  4. Jamie says:


    I’ve been watching this map for over 2 years and have not seen this kind of activity before. Some of the readings are not available where they might have been available a day ago.


  5. Diganth says:

    These quakes have become neverending phenomenon. In your opinion which are the countries having potential threats from Earthquakes, Alvin?


    • Most all land surfaces on the planet have some seismic risk-factors from faults or carry inherent dangers of mega-thrust earthquake eruptions nearby- these include New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, South America, Central America, NW U.S., the Caribbean, Asia, Alaska, Kamchata, —-high seismic risk-zones also include Turkey, Greece, West coast of U.S., India, Pacific Islands, Iceland, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Africa, Midwest U.S., Baja California, China, Philippines, Koreas, Italy, Iran, Greece, Eastern Canada & W Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain.


  6. Wiseguy says:

    Hi Alvin, when I’m looking at all those unusual EQ around the world lately (We had 2 other in my area, Quebec, Canada) I have a feeling that we might have a Domino’s effect with the tectonic plates. If Japan collapse, it could move all around the world. A strange feeling…


    • You’re entitled to your strange feeling. I want you to think carefully about what you just said and weight that against what I have forecasted for Japan- now step back and see the big picture and you begin to see the magnitude of the ordeal. 127 million people inhabit the Japanese islands. How could you begin to resettle that many people in such a scenario and how could you possibly contain the panic and keep inland continents from being overwhelmed in an exodus?


  7. Jamie says:

    Does anyone have ringing in their ears before a major quake? I have been having them on and off for years and they always precede a major quake. I notice the ringing more now because it is lasting longer ( the ringing ) and the frequency is higher.


    I am experiencing a high frequency ringing now so am waiting to see what happens next.

    Peace be with us……


  8. Loz says:

    Messiah’s return?..the age of the ‘messiah’ is over…it’s about individual responsibility
    now…the ‘messiah’ is within…go within or go without!


  9. Jake says:

    A ringing in your ears? Really?


  10. Diganth says:

    Oops.Thats really terrifying. In your opinion, is man’s exploitation of the nature contributing for these calamities?


    • Scientifically, others than polluting the environment, deforestation, degrading topsoil with poor agricultural practices and irrational demands, and creating the plutonium nightmare, the human effect is, at places, dire but neglible…but the karma from the actions is not so easily erasable so man is tied to whatever reprucussion effects the earth exhibits during this period of geological tulmult.


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