Thousands of fish found dead in Florida lake

March 25, 2011 ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. — Dozens of dead fish have risen to the surface at a lake in Hanna Park. The floating fish have produced a foul smell and an eerie site. “I’ve seen a couple of people biking around, but as soon as they get to this area, they turn right back around,” visitor Heather Lenier said. The sight and smell is enough to keep people away from the lake. Scientists said an outbreak of golden algae is responsible for the death of thousands of fish. The algae is producing a toxic chemical. When fish come in contact with the tainted water, their blood cells literally explode. “Those cells that carry oxygen are being ruptured,” biologist Dana Morton said. “Oxygen is not getting to the fish, and the fish look like they are suffocating, which they really are.” Morton said that as harmful as the algae is for fish, it is harmless for humans. In 14 years of testing the water in the lake, scientists said they have never documented golden algae. In fact, it’s more commonly seen in the lakes and ponds of Texas than Florida. Scientists said the lethal plant has been present for years at the lake in very small amounts. “All species have different conditions under which they bloom and go crazy,” Morton said. –News4 Jax
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2 Responses to Thousands of fish found dead in Florida lake

  1. Charles T. Nicholson says:

    I have a feeling that Florida is going to get hit pretty soon. I have been noticing that, when thousands of dead fish show up, just like in Japan and California, that they get a massive natural disaster. I’m just taking a guess on why the fish are dying. Based upon this post, scientists didn’t find Golden Algae, and I’m guessing that there is high volcanic activity under the ocean and in some lakes. My other guess, based upon the same data, that there are high CO2 amounts, in the ocean and lakes. The CO2 deposits are not getting released, like the two death lakes, and it’s poisoning the fish.


  2. Michael says:

    LOL —> “Oxygen is not getting to the fish, and the fish look like they are suffocating, which they really are.” Total BS. The lack Oxygen theory as been used a lot lately during these recent story’s around the world of massive animal, bird & fish kills. I don’t buy it because they don’t know. They did not autopsy the fish and check level of oxygen in the blood streams. They just say “Lack of Oxygen” when they didn’t even test for it. It just happend, they had no time to send a few fish to the lab and run test which could take a week. Total BS. Lie lie lie lie lie.


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