Giant sinkhole in Florida grows even deeper

March 23, 2011LITHIA, FL – The sides of the sinkhole that swallowed up part of the Southeast County Landfill in Lithia four months ago collapsed last night. The avalanche of dirt did not widen the gaping 129-foot crater, but did deepen it by about 10 feet, officials said. No one was injured and it is believed the dirt collapse was caused by the process that is aimed at filling the hole that is now estimated to be about 60 feet deep. “We anticipated some movement, some additional sloughing of sidewall as a result of the pressure grouting,” said Richard Siemering with HDR Engineering, which works with the Hillsborough County Solid Waste Department. He said the collapse delayed the process only a couple of hours until assessments could be made. The grout is forced into the ground to shore up the bottom of the hole, he said, and it exerts pressure in all directions, including up. That can cause the bottom of the hole to shift and that’s what caused the sides to fall in. It’s not unusual for this to happen, he said, and it could happen again.  Michelle Van Dyke, spokeswoman for the county solid waste department, said engineering crews have been out there for two weeks conducting the first phase of remediation. That involves drilling diagonal shafts that reach under the bottom of the sinkhole and pumping grout there to stabilize the hole. But what exactly is beneath the dirt and debris that forms the “plug” at the bottom is unknown, she said. In any event, the stabilization process may have caused the sides to fall in, leaving vertical walls inside the crater. –TBO
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3 Responses to Giant sinkhole in Florida grows even deeper

  1. Devin says:

    Nice!….more room for garbage…


  2. Jamie S. says:

    This is a touch off topic but very important all the sam. I have been following the usgs live feed for activity and i went there just a minute ago and dead flat, pretty much except for a few hiccups like usual as of late gave me the chills just looking at it. Then I went to and they are reporting that we are getting blasted as of this moment with 500+km per sec storm. Then i looked at the pic of the lites over finland there and they were very deep and red and almost looked freaky and powerful. I clicked the pics from the ones people took around the globe on march 10th and they couldn’t even touch the intesity of the one shot over finland. The one on the 10th was caused by the cme but just solar winds creating the one in the finland shot look so much more disturbing. I am wondering if we will see some tremendous activity later this evening (central TZ) or maybe tomorrow and to see how strong the ground activity is just off of the solar winds alone. Also sorry so long but i have a ex-wife and my children live in New Madrid, MO. I talked to her today and she thought she actually could easily distinguish seismic activity as she was working in the afternoon. Ty for your time sorry so long.


  3. TinkerB says:

    Although this may be significant in other areas of the country; in Florida, sinkholes are quite common. My Mom’s subdivision has several. It is a common and very real concern but one that you must learn to live with if you are based there.


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