Freak Alaskan tidal waves freeze 32 musk oxen in their tracks

March 23, 2011ANCHORAGE, Alaska — At least 32 musk oxen were found frozen in the ice on the northern coast of Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, killed in the aftermath of a tidal surge and flooding from a winter storm blowing in off the Chukchi Sea, the National Park Service said Tuesday. Researchers found the frozen animals March 15 while flying over the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve to track at least four of the animals, which had been outfitted with radio collars. “Basically, the radio collars led us to the dead animals,” National Park Service spokesman John Quinley said. Officials planned to fly over the area again Tuesday to determine the fate of another 23 animals in the herd. It wasn’t immediately clear if any of those were fitted with collars. “We didn’t see any carcasses, but we didn’t see them walking around,” he said. The remainder of the herd could be buried deeper in the snow. If so, the bodies wouldn’t be visible until spring. It’s believed the animals died Feb. 25 when a winter storm created a tidal surge and coastal flooding that inundated lowlands. –The Washington Post National
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1 Response to Freak Alaskan tidal waves freeze 32 musk oxen in their tracks

  1. Crystal says:

    I live in Anchorage Alaska and seeing this and all else going on near me what else is going on up this way I’ve heard alot of the haarp program is at fault we have here but u know how people blame something on someone


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