California: 2nd massive landslide reported in Scotts Valley

March 23, 2011Scotts Valley, CA – About 25 homes in unincorporated Santa Cruz, near Scotts Valley, are affected by a landslide of shale and mud. Residents of 26 homes in an unincorporated area of the county are in their second day of being stranded from the outside world after a landslide on Monday afternoon blocked the only road to their homes. According to Scotts Valley Fire District Cpt. Mike Pasquini, the slide, which occurred near Scotts Valley on Nelson Road at Sky Meadow Lane, does not present any immediate danger to residents. “The homes are affected in the sense that they have no access,” Pasquini said. Santa Cruz County sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Clarke said that the landslide began around 10 a.m., with rocks falling for hours until the road was closed around 2 p.m. “The road is completely closed — it’s impassable by car or foot,” Clarke said. –Scott Valley Patch
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