Tectonic plate stress under the shadow of a lunar perigee

These recent cluster eruption of quakes are indications tectonic plate agitation is intensifying once again and that the mechanics are increasing for another sizeable quake. The volcanic arcs activity is seen with seismic quakes in Kermadec and Tonga. 
5.0   2011/03/20 15:51:24    36.424    143.383  32.8   OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
5.0   2011/03/20 15:20:28   -31.072   -179.835  312.3   KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION
5.0   2011/03/20 15:13:56    36.416    143.421  33.7   OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
5.0   2011/03/20 14:05:01    -3.506    145.829  9.5   NEAR NORTH COAST OF NEW GUINEA, P.N.G.
4.9   2011/03/20 13:46:47   -12.285    167.091  256.4   SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
4.7   2011/03/20 13:39:58    4.856    -76.156  111.4   COLOMBIA
4.8   2011/03/20 12:43:31    37.396    141.532  40.3   NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
5.8   2011/03/20 12:03:48    39.409    141.958  45.7   EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
5.3   2011/03/20 11:47:44   -18.800   -174.927  138.6   TONGA
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25 Responses to Tectonic plate stress under the shadow of a lunar perigee

  1. mark craig says:

    are these all based on UTC?


  2. Terry Thomas says:

    Is there a way the map could be shifted so that the Pacific Plate could be in the middle?


  3. Sammie says:

    Great site and very informative! I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent bunch of deep quakes in the South Pacific around Fiji/Tonga/Kermadec. What’s your take on this? Signs of volcanic activity perhaps?


    • This region is known for some of the deepest earthquakes as it is a subduction zone and contains volcanic arcs and many submarine volcanoes- they are stirring for sure. Tonga/Kermadec generally has influence on New Zealand, so its something to always watch. Glad you like the site, Sammie.


  4. kricco says:

    so, do you think that It can come an earthquake in California the next couple of days?


    • I think there are indications a quake could strike somewhere in the next couple of days. I would say the quake will most likely erupt in the regions most stressed right now which includes: China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Alaska, the South Pacific region, the European band of the Arctic Circle from Norway to northern Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan —-that being said, we can’t see faults and there is always the chance of an intraplate quake. That’s the way it looks right now and it will change as we live on a dynamic planet that is often full of surprises.


  5. kricco says:

    a magnitude of 6 was the biggest earthquake in Norway, 31st of august 1819

    but If we go back in longer back in time was the biggest earthquake around 7. it was under the last years of the ice age.

    some few months ago, was it an earthquake little over 6, and it was on Jan Mayen.
    But, here is an another question:
    can it be a big earthquake in the atlantic ocean? where 3 plate meets(american,eurasian and african plate), and maybe can trigger an tsunami, that a tsunami can hit Norway and other coastal areas of the atlantic ocean? I have even dreamed about this.
    I dreamed one time that It was an earthquake on 10.2 magnitude, and triggered a gigantic tsunami on 20m. I am veeeery afraid of that dream, and the dream can be true.


    • Kricco, I believe if there is such a scenerio in the Atlantic, it will happen along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge running through Iceland. This is nothing to lose sleep over; if it ever happens- it will affect most of the planet.


    • Eva says:

      In the bible you can read about a very strong eartquake Rev. 6.

      David Wilkersson hade a vision in 1974 that must have come from God, (because things that he saw in that has happend and are also happening today!) he wrote it down in the book “The vision”. In this book you can read about a global economic disaster and about dramatical weather changes hat scientists thinks is started with ash from an volcanic eruption in Iceland… And then David see a big earthquake in USA and an eartquake in Japan is occuring before that, and it’s many more things in this book according to what is happening around the world today. You should read it, it will help you to get ready and protect yourself and your family from what´s coming soon.


  6. Not in recorded history no…scant legends, myths and tales from ancient peoples about possible scenarios. We’re talking about a planetary upheavel in such a scenario and it would have to be something major…in such a case, there may be no one left to record the account. Southern Spain definitely, and as you know Lisbon definitely has a troubled history with the 1755 earthquake being one of the most powerful ever recorded. These points are showing signs of stress…a quake can equalibrate pressures from other points so it doesn’t mean a quake has to necessarily erupt in any of the countries mentioned.


  7. Brent says:

    Hey Alvin,

    been a lot of reports the last couple months of rumbling in the florida area. Well last couple days it seems reports are coming from all over the state. Today hundreds of people heard the rumbling that apparently lasted for 20 minutes. The national weather service commented on this phenomenon and blamed it on very distant thunder. As always we look to you for a reasonable explanation of this. Seems there are some youtube videos documenting this as well.


  8. Brent says:

    Correction Alvin,

    Apparently this occurred on the 9’th and I believe you had a story on it.


  9. smh says:

    if and when these plates move does the earth get smaller? therefore making the day shorter – even if slightly? God prophesied this is the bible you know – that the days would shorten. Just interested thats why i’m asking.
    and is there any sign of the plate by the canaries moving making a tsunami come towad the south of Britain?


    • SMH, the planet accretes mass by many natural processes so it’s always expanding. I think that was always the plan from the beginning was for the Earth to grow and our star system to expand into the reaches of space-in my opinion, that’s why Earth was framed in an isolated corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. A Creator creates, and never stops creating. However, the sin dilemma on Earth interrupted the plan. I think the scripture you’re referring to, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved…”(Matt 24:22) means exactly what it says- unless there is some kinda of an intervention in this crisis towards the end, there won’t be anything left on this planet alive.


  10. kristoffer says:

    magnitude 6.0 in southern mid-atlantic ridge today:


  11. kristoffer says:

    theextinctionprotocol, I can feel earthquake activity up here in Norway, my bed have shaked very weak 10-15 minutes then it stopped, some few minutes later it shaking very weak


  12. kristoffer says:

    thank you Alvin for the link for seicmic activity for Norway. how many times a day is this updating?

    and now here in Norway, is it no earthquake activity, it is totally quiet.


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