Seismic anomalies register under Antarctica


Anomaly: The telemetry seismic data on these two seismographs both from the Antarctica Scott Base stations (24 hours apart) shows an escalation of seismic tremors under the frozen continent. This appears to be unrelated to the current tension perturbing the Pacific plate in reference to Japan.
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10 Responses to Seismic anomalies register under Antarctica

  1. nicole says:

    I have been checking out the LISS site for a while now, and I was wondering if you could tell me what these weird “scribbles” (for lack of a better word) are in Antartica, some of the Pacific, Russia, and even Florida?? Do they mean something or is it a glitch? I feel very uneasy anymore, though I believe that I need to let go of the fear. I feel like I’ve been woken up, and looking through other peoples comments on this site (as well as others), I see that I’m not alone. May everyone be safe.

    Peace, love, and light~


    • Nicole, you should let go it. What is beyond our realm of control should also lie beyond our realm of fear as fear is rooted in our lack of control. Sometimes the data reflects noise or spectral density variations which could be interference from anything. Sometimes there are cracks and breaks when you’re dealing with a solid land mass.

      peace and blessings,


  2. woodwriter says:

    I’ve been observing the quakes around our world, feel like it becomes happening more and more, but still be acceptable (comparing with previous years.)

    Now, forgetfully, I didn’t look up the data of frozen continents!!!!!!


  3. Corey says:

    I have been studying visible radar and it appears that the biggest ice sheet on Pacific side broke off from Tsunami after a warm Antarctic summer and possibility of all the ice sheets breaking off this summer. Also a very High melt area of land. The weight difference is why on Facebook I forecast future seismic events on Antarctic plate.


    • woodwriter says:

      Could you please explain the sentense “possibility of all the ice sheets breaking off this summer”, which is of Antarctic plate?


  4. Lorraine Ridge says:

    Could crustal rebound account for the tremors? I don’t see how more tremors have not registered actually. The plate that the Antarctic is on touches other plates and just the vibrations of the recent tilt could have triggered reverberations.


    • It could be crustal rebound but probably it’s mostly likely due to resistant forces resulting from the drag created from the lunar perigee’s exagerated pull on the oceans at the planet’s equator. Since the Earth is bottom-heavy, from the tremendous weight of the ice mass, this area would experience the effect of trembling similar to a washing machine shaking during the spin cycle. The vibrations or reverberations would cause the southern polar region to tremble more than normal. That’s just my assessment…


  5. Joey Kilroe-Smith & Martin Bode says:

    From various comments and replies to articles on this very informative website, many express fear and uncertainty of the unknown earthly and catastrophic phenomena that lie ahead. Nobody seems to refer to the Upperhand that has revealed these phenomena nearly 2000 years ago. Who would know better about the apocalyptic events that lie ahead than the one Who created the Earth , the Planets in our Solar system and the Sun around which our minute solar system rotates?
    How many of us know that this powerful Creator will lead in end-time events with a worldwide round-the-globe earthquake followed by tumultuous meteorite interference and volcanic eruptions.
    What would be the purpose of these events?


    • Events on Earth will be allowed to run their course. The universe is watching the drama unfold on Earth as this portion of human history draws to a close. Human history is churning on its last remnants of lust for power, greed and agression. What’s will spring from the seeds that most have planted? The God question will finally be answered in ways no one can possibly imagine.


  6. archaios says:

    I apologize for changing the subject but does anyone watch the Neumeyer station in Antartica.?
    at frame 14 you can see a black orb to the (?) east. this black orb reflects red on the building.
    lots of activity going on in the past few days.


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