Superflares developing on the farside of the sun?

March 19, 2011ICONIC ERUPTION: A huge filament of magnetism and hot plasma blasted off the sun’s southwestern limb today, March 19th, at around 1200 UT. The eruption was not Earth-directed, but it was iconic. Just look at this snapshot recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Many amateur astronomers in Europe witnessed the blast and said it was the biggest one they’d ever seen. This event continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity, and shows anew that Solar Cycle 24 is gaining steam after a long period of relative quiet. –Space Weather
This present eruption is not what’s garnered our attention. Instead, it’s the huge patch of solar flares that appear to be still highly active on the farside of the Sun. Below is the 3-D model of the Sun where the huge region of flares appears to be widening. Iphone and Ipad users, please reference your free 3-D Sun app.
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10 Responses to Superflares developing on the farside of the sun?

  1. ed bailey says:

    When will the communication disruptions begin and what if any weather issues can be possible. Of course if we have never seen anything like it maybe the wait and see is in effect? Any good comments!


  2. goodbyemilkyway says:

    If you reduce the size of that photo will see a face on the right side..rather beautiful. Looks like its connected to the sun threw flare cord.

    The Universe is Alive.


  3. Tina marie says:

    How long before the will be directed towards Earth again?


  4. Tyron says:

    maybe that will coincide with Jim Berkland’s prediction of a major quake in California between 19-26 of march?


  5. Eve says:

    So amazing…our sun has been very active.


  6. I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s generated in Japan and one wonders if the delay is because of the quake…


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