Indonesian volcano Mount Karangetang raised to highest alert status after eruption

March 18, 2011INDONESIA , JAKARTA  – Indonesian volcano Mount Karangetang spewed hot clouds of ash and trapped up to 40 people between lava flows on its slopes Friday as the government raised an alert for the peak to the highest level and evacuated villages. Lava streamed 1,500 metres (5,000 feet) down the volcano on Siau island in North Sulawesi province and hot clouds rose 3,800 metres (12,500 feet) into the air, the head of the country’s vulcanology agency said. “We’ve ordered the villages to be emptied,” agency chief Surono told Reuters. The island is sparsely populated but people live near the peak where the land is fertile. A government official in the region said three villages, of about 300 people in all, had been evacuated but 40 people were trapped between two rivers filled with lava. It was not clear if the trapped people were still alive. The volcano erupts frequently but Surono said the alert was raised because of the size of the hot clouds. Indonesia, on the Pacific “Ring of fire,” has dozens of active volcanoes. Hot ash clouds from Mount Bromo on the main island of Java in January led several airlines to cancel flights to the tourist destination of Bali. –Reuters
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6 Responses to Indonesian volcano Mount Karangetang raised to highest alert status after eruption

  1. Gary says:

    Thank you for this site I never felt like I was seeing the big picture, until I found this site.


    • Thanks Gary. One of my goals was to bring all these incidents together into a spectrum so we could gauge the temperature of the Earth. We can’t make a proper diagnosis until we are analyzing gestalt data sets. With the category heading search; we can now see the frequency and location of occurrence. To losely borrow a phrase from Gerald Celente’s venacular: Patterns become trends, and trends become warnings…


  2. goodbyemilkyway says:

    I have been following non-mainstream news a long time.

    I as well wish to thank you for all the time and effort you give to share information with us. The Human Beings of this Earth, the Mother.

    I check your site many times threw the day and keep/kept journals for many years of Earth changes and weather systems, ‘natural’ disasters.
    Thank you very much again. I must say….I am starting to be worried. I try and remain centered and happy. happening too fast………….

    Blessings to you and yours..may our paths be guided by the eternal light.



    • GBMY, the planet is deconstructing but that process is also pushing us to expand our thinking beyond the end of this age and into the realm of the universe beyond. The human race will collide with its destiny at the end of the long dark tunnel.


  3. Brandon says:


    I am liking this site more and more every day. Thank you for your time and effort in what you are doing! How long will it be before the governments come clean and warn us of our fate?


    • I’m not sure there will ever be anything such as full-disclosure as Joseph Goebbels proved in Germany- the flow of information is how you exert control over a nation. Iran and China seem to have torn a page from the Nazi propagandist with their suppression of the internet in a crisis. Before, WWII, Orson Wells generated national panic with his famed War of the Worlds broadcast on October 30, 1938 about a fictional alien invasion- the U.S. military made careful observation of the broadcast and Brookings Institute concluded the American public could not handle certain realites. (Rumors continue to swirl around the Wells Mercury Theater production that it was all part of a government conspiracy). This doctrine has been the unofficial policy of U.S. government agencies since then. In 2009, the U.S. military classifed bolides (fireballs) as a matter of national security: …. When certain inevitabilities become undeniable realites, I think then there will be a statement but until them and even afterwards, to coin a phrase from Lily Tomlin and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil: “We’re all in this together by ourselves.”


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