Japan’s convulsion of large seismic tremors a sign of more upheaval to come

March 13, 2011 JAPAN – Japan sits at the crossroads of 4 adjoining tectonic plates, the Eurasian, North American, Philippine and Pacific plates. 20% of the world’s most powerful earthquakes strike the region of Japan. 1,500 earthquakes occur in Japan each year and the island nation is home to 10% of the world’s active volcanoes. Japan lies on the frontlines of the war of Mother Nature’s rampage across the planet. Like Iceland, which is geologically partitioned by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, her days as a stable intact land mass are clearly numbered. As tensions across the world’s tectonic plates increases, the geological forces which created her, will ironically aid in the deconstructive assault of insidiously ripping the nation apart. In February, I reported that Japan was entering a new stage of geological upheaval. In my book, I described the eventual break-up of this island nation and its violent disintegration into the Pacific Ocean. Flanked by aggravated tectonic plates and volcanic trenches, pierced by super-volcanic calderas along its southern tip, and dotted with active burning strato-mountains of fire – it is only a matter of time before the geological forces of nature completely overwhelm the island nation of Japan. We expect an intensification of seismic activity across the islands and the venting of more volcanoes. In an interview with ITN News on March 12, 2011, seismologist Dr. Roger Musson says the 8.9 Honshu earthquake off the coast of Japan could lead to further tremors and greater instability in the region. As the swarm of aftershocks continue along the coast of Japan, we know the planet has about 6 days left to equilibrate the seismic tension that is tearing at plates before the moon’s perigee arrives and exerts even greater tidal pressures on the Pacific region. –The Extinction Protocol
(c) ITN News 2011                     Learn about Japan’s double subduction zone: Here
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3 Responses to Japan’s convulsion of large seismic tremors a sign of more upheaval to come

  1. Sally says:

    What’s the name of the book?


  2. gerald says:

    Last week a number of us commented on having feelings of impending disaster – then this 9.0 and tsunami. However, for me, the feelings have not diminished, and in fact, have intensified. I believe this is just the beginning, for Japan and for many other areas in the world.


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