Japanese officials warn death-toll will exact heavy toll on the nation

March 13, 2011TOKYO – The toll from a magnitude-8.9 earthquake in Japan could exceed 10,000 in the hardest-hit prefecture of Miyagi alone, police said on Sunday, as other officials tried to reassure the public that reactors at two damaged nuclear power plants posed no immediate danger. “I have no doubt” that the death toll would rise above 10,000 in the prefecture, public broadcaster NHK quoted police chief Takeuchi Naoto as saying. About 800 deaths had been confirmed so far in Miyagi and other areas in northeastern Japan, which were hit Friday by the quake and a tsunami. No contact could be established with about 10,000 residents of the town of Minamisanriku. Police said earlier that more than 2,000 people had been killed or were unaccounted for in the affected regions, the Kyodo News agency reported. A municipal official in Futaba town in Fukushima prefecture told Kyodo that about 90 percent of the houses in three coastal communities had been washed away by the tsunami. About 390,000 people have fled their homes, many of them finding a place to stay at the more than 1,400 emergency shelters set up in schools and community centres, NHK said. Prime Minister Naoto Kan doubled the number of soldiers sent to areas hit by the quake and tsunami to 100,000 as rescue workers were struggling to reach some of the affected areas with many roads blocked by debris. “I ask for utmost efforts to save the lives of as many people as possible,” Kyodo quoted Kan as saying after a meeting of the government’s emergency disaster headquarters. “We will put all-out efforts into rescuing people who have been isolated.”  –Times of India
Japan releashes new footage of the quake and tsunami. Parts of Japan could be without electricity for up to a month. Food and fresh water supplies are running low. Water treatment plants are off-line and many hospitals in the impacted areas are inoperable. Massive tremors continue to threaten the area and a nuclear crisis is unfolding as the reactor cores in many of the nuclear plants over-heat.    
(c) ITN News 2011
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4 Responses to Japanese officials warn death-toll will exact heavy toll on the nation

  1. Paul Demorest says:

    Again we watch from afar in the safety of our homes here in North America, and yet I feel the worse is yet to come, only when it’s our turn to face this, will there be anyone around to watch?….


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