Parts of Japan already showing signs of disintegration?

Mihama-ku (美浜区), in Chiba City is reclaimed land from the Ocean. Jamie, this is the early signs of the break-up of an island and its eventual disintegration and violent collapse back into the sea. This is the only the beginning. Thanks for this essay.
Chiba City, Japan  (c) CNN
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5 Responses to Parts of Japan already showing signs of disintegration?

  1. Lorraine Ridge says:

    That actually made me sick to my stomach! I could have sworn I heard OCEAN WAVES ! And it eerily reminded me of the vanishing water sources from NZ, in reverse. How far is the Marinas Trench from Japan?


  2. mike says:

    Thank you for all the info. I cant sleep. I’m in europa. My prayers go to all the people that are in this mess and the only thing is wait is making me sick!!!


  3. eva says:

    Strange. But what comes to my mind is how this man can be so calm walking around filming, when the ground is cracking around him. this is also strange.


    • J Guffey says:

      I know what you mean. It made me nervous just watching the video. Like Lorraine, I though I heard waves, but at the end of the video realized it was water squirting out of the ground. It was odd how it reminded me of waves coming in and out with the tide. Sounds possible to me.


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