Lithospheric fracturing being reported across the globe


March 7, 2011 – Above- unexplained fissures in the ground in Michigan, Bolivia, the Philippines, Peru and the most recent eruption in Gulistan Pakistan (video). Unexplained surface deformation of the planet should in itself alarm us especially when most of the events erupted with no reported accompanying episodes of seismic activity. Lithospheric fracturing of the planet’s crust is another sign terrestrial tensile integrity is degrading. This phenomenon was also reported in India in February of this year when land cracks set off a panic in Jamuria, in the Burdwan district of India. See report: India
Rochelle, a picture is worth a thousand words. What’s he saying may not be so important as what’s being conveyed in the video. The fissure is multi-fractural and appears to be more than 60 meters long at best guess. It’s happened in a remote region of the country- so we can rule out fractures from a water pressures. Not a mountainous region and no expulsions from the fissure, so likely not volcanic in nature- leaving us with a clean fissure that probably happened without a quake. The abiding question in these incidents is: What is tearing the land into? If it’s stress related; it’s worrisome.  Now, the dire implications- If there are tears in surface topography of the planet, we can likewise assume there are also rips or faults occurring below the surface and also under the ocean. And that’s just what we’re seeing as evidenced from the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Laguna Salada tear with the earthquake in Baja California in April of 2010 and the new fault rip under New Zealand from the Canterbury quake of September 2010. Faults or fissures are evidence of seismic instability and potential cavities for magma ejection if the ruptures occur near a volcanically-active region or hotspot. All this geological deformation is indication of just how far and how fast this process is advancing and shows us we are running out of time before these processes culminate in a series of major catastrophic events.  -The Extinction Protocol
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29 Responses to Lithospheric fracturing being reported across the globe

  1. rochelle says:

    Are you able to get an interpreter and subitle this video in english? I’m amazed at this phenomenum. Has it ever happened before?


  2. Michael says:

    Earth is starting an expanding process again. Go on youtube and look up videos on Expanding Earth…
    The idea that the continents were once hooked together in giant ocean, then drifted apart is false. The Pangaea theory is a lie. A child can look at the Eastern sea boards of the USA, Canada & South America and tell they were connected to the Western sea boards of Europe & Africa. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the Western sea boards of the USA, Canada, Mexico & South America connected to the Eastern sea boards of Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia & Australia. If you go on Google Earth you can see the stretch marks under the ocean floor. You can collapse the continents together into a smaller planet. The idea of Pangaea was not around until the 1960’s, but it is based on false science. To make it work, they have to make Mexico disappear when putting it together as well as other parts of the world. Continents don’t disconnect from the sea floors & drift off. The sea floors & the Continents are all connected & part of the same surface. Earth has stretched outwards many times in the past, causing differences in Oxygen density & forced micro evolution in species in order for them to adjust to the new world conditions. Bottom line is Earth is starting to stretch again.


    • Lee says:

      I was just coming here to make a similar comment Michael, I agree 100%. The core of the earth expands which causes fractures in the crust, and the increased pressure causes the formation and expulsion of magma. As the crust separates along the rift zones the earth has to try and reshape itself and realign into its natural shape. This realignment causes wrinkles, or uplifts to occur in some places, and subduction in others. I studied the current plate tectonics theory and, although there is some good science involved, some things just did not add up for me. Good comment!


      • azcIII says:

        Do a little research on the plasma universe theory. What you find will not only explain this phenomena, it will scare the bejeebers out of you.


  3. Michele Hufnagel says:

    Where in Michigan is this lithospheric fracturing occurring? Thank you! Michele


  4. mslissa says:

    So, am I correct to conclude that these changes are the reason for the mass fish and sea life die off?


    • Mslissa, I think each case of the mass death of animals should be quantified individually for determinate causes. The only thing unique to this time period going forward is that everything on this planet will reach critical mass and will be in the terms of many, ‘undone.’


  5. Eden says:

    Every ounce of my being is silently screaming in alarm. Something both profound & shocking is unleashing itself upon us as so many choose to either ignore or dismiss these grim warnings Mother Nature is sending as “alarmist” or a “Conspiracy”

    How long do we have left?


    • Eden, that’s a good question and my answer is, I don’t know. We see a gradual escalation of events but some of the geological processes occurring involves interfacing systems and the degradation of one could lead to the collapse of another, in effect, exponentially accelerating the process along. When I began reporting this in 2009, many thought I was an alarmist. In 2010, the planet succumbed to the model I was describing. In my opinion, the planet is now in the chaotic model where behavior will become increasingly erratic and unusual. In the meantime, we are admonished to take the warning signs we see seriously to mitigate potential loss of life. What we do know is that from month to month since late 2009, the effects have been worsening.


      • Eden says:

        Something deep inside is telling me you’re right. Call it human instinct, whatever. All my life I have followed extreme weather & disasters with more than a passing curiosity, & what I am witnessing, especially this summer here in Australia & around the globe is highly disturbing to me. Maybe both time & luck will run out in 2012, who’s to say, but I for one am making peace with myself.

        Thank you for responding & for having such an enlightning, intelligent & integrity filled website.


  6. Seth says:

    I know how you feel on that Eden, for a while now i dont know what it is but something is not right here and its the worst thing ive ever experienced. I know were in for trouble there is no doubt about that, and the when question seems to be coming a bit faster then what i had expected. figured we had a good 15 years before real huge trouble started but i gotta say im thinkin this japan thing just kicked it off to a big start lol


    • Eden says:

      Japan has shocked me to the core. Rattled me completely. I sat here through one of our weirdest summers on record, floods, a mega cyclone, snow in December, strange rainbows in the sky on cloudless days with a mounting sense of dread, but recent events have convinced me entirely of what is sure to come. I’ve always known time was running out, but like you didnt think it was running out so quickly. Like the Chinese curse says “May you live in interesting times” We are.


      • Pablo says:

        I’m with you, Seth and Eden… I’ve been sensing something very strongly for the past few years. I have been practicing various meditation techniques for many years (about 20 years now) and, recently, the past couple of years, I have been experiencing some very unsettling feelings. I’ve even tried ignoring them and tried making myself bury my head in the sand like all my friends and family (they seem so blissfully ignorant to all this, other than ocassional comments about the weather being strange), I’ve even gone so far as to discontinue my meditation practice. But the feeling is still there, and mounting. My practice has been focused on aligning myself with the rhythms of earth and universe (I know, sounds whacky, but, trust me, it works), and the more i align recently, the more agitated I become… so much so, like I said, I’ve stopped at various times for awhile to see if I could distance myself from these unsettling feelings I have about what’s happening and what’s coming. In fact, I had one such episode the night before the Japan quake/tsunami during a meditation in my hotel room in Manila. The next morning I wondered if anything was going to happen that day. Then I got on a plane from Manila back to Singapore and, when I landed, learned of the Japan situation. I was dumbstruck – I couldn’t believe it. We’ll see…


  7. MatthewB says:

    Yea, I’ve got agree with you. Everything is starting to feel very apocalyptic. I am in a band and alot of the lyrics I/we have written of late can’t be helped but come out sounding apocalyptic, because of everything that has gone on in recent years. I just hope for the sake of my little girl we are shown mercy and not pain, that there will still be a world worth living in and rebuliding. :-/


  8. Northwalker333 says:

    I’m new to your site, absolutely am astounded and grateful to finding others on this journey. I have been re-awakened since 05. I have felt like a lone trumpet calling in the night about the signs. I am so thankful others are awakened also. I am grateful for your site. Just ordered your book and am anxious to read it. God is near. God is with us. The earth needs a debriding of the wound. Thank you for your site, it is great!!


  9. Toddalan1 says:

    I am really glad I have found this site! I have been searching for so long to find a place where I can find the information that matters so much to me! I am a sensitive in every “sense” of the word. I have known (for sure) for the past few months that something was terribly wrong. I’ve had suspicions that things weren’t right for quite some time, but hadn’t made all of the connections. It’s nice to know I am not alone and there are not a bunch of trolls here that want to start trouble. Thanks so much! This is a blessing.


  10. Snookieme says:

    What concerns the most, is after looking at the mass animal deaths, the unexplained opening fissures, earthquakes and now whirpools I can help but think it is getting worse. All this earthly turmoil is solidifying the 2012 theories to me. I am not a crackpot and am a very logical person (at least in my mind lol). I have been very antsy since January and it is getting worse. As crazy as it sounds, I have begun making preparations: I have “bug out” bags for my family, have seeds in the freezer, have stockpiled dry beans and rice. Am I crazy?


    • Far from it, Snookieme. Glad you’re awakened. We are in a tremendous season of geological change across the planet, social chaos, geo-political turmoil, as well as a period of economic disintegration as sovereign debt levels explode and inflation rages – we are on the footsteps of the most stupendous crisis in human history…anybody still doubting the magnitude of the tempest chained up in the dark clouds storming the horizon, will be soon swept away by the cyclone.


  11. Kendra says:

    I know this is a bit of an old post, but I wanted to comment just the same. To the idea that Pangaea is a lie…well, I disagree. While I can’t explain the physics of it, the Bible talks about the land all being connected…or at least alludes to it. What other ‘event’ would cause the world to forget the Red Sea crossing? (Jeremiah 16)

    To Alvin: I really appreciate your diligence in posting the latest info. Living outside the US (Costa Rica) it’s amazing what people AREN’T seeing. Thanks.


  12. ashuka says:

    Alvin i can’t tell you how happy i am to know so many people out there share the same thoughts as me. Everything that going on is really troubling. Thank you for sharing you knowledge with us.


  13. Adriana says:

    Scary but necessary for our planet,
    we supposed to met death at some point in life, but when life is so sweet you don’t want to see the exit door, you don’t want to step out.
    God knows whats best, Mother nature is tiered of nonsense, children’s will unnecessarily pay, but many of them already had in terrible ways.
    I thank God the opportunity to know the Earth, Love, laugh, Cry ,swim , sing, dance etc.
    Life has being a blessing for me , I wish for my kids to experience it the way I did…so far so good. , Mercy for the children’s of our planet is all I ask from God.


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