Tectonic plates stressed across the planet – awaiting a trigger?

Quakes along the Kamchatka subduction zone have increased in the last 48 hours



Above– Chile (left) and massive seismic wave under Antarctica (right). Tectonic plate stresses are building across the globe. Earth has been reeling under an accelerated solar wind stream that has been blasting the planet and sheering the magnetosphere for 6 consecutive days. Seismic vibrations have been rippling across the Antarctica seismic stations non-stop for the past few days. Recent quakes today along tectonic plate boundaries in Kamchatka, Chile, the Bonin Islands in Japan, Guatemala (Cocos plate), the South Island of New Zealand, the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific, near Eureka California, and Myanmar are all indications we are nearing a tipping point for another sizeable jolt. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake jolted northern Chile on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but there were no reports of any damage and the linchpin copper mining sector was not affected- though this quake in Chile will do little to alleviate the stresses. 


Earth reeling but holding steady from the solar burn which continues for the 6th consecutive day.
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13 Responses to Tectonic plates stressed across the planet – awaiting a trigger?

  1. Byron Wilkins says:

    Planet X is the trigger and as it gets closer it will twist and quake our fragile little world, Its time to wake up Sheeple


  2. algis says:

    Real-time images of the earth’s magnetosphere on the NICT/SWS Web aren’t updated since 03/04/2011 09:30 UT. There was a gap on 02/25/2011 – 02/27/2011 too.


  3. pete says:

    A world of fake science and devestating technology from our big nosed friends


  4. Leona says:

    In conversation with a friend on Saturday, he said that there are rumblings and earthquake-type activity in the Karoo, South Africa. Is this so? I haven’t seen anything on Southern Africa. Is that because there isn’t any activity or because they are not intense enough to warrant mention?


  5. francillette says:

    I live in france and i was thinking of going to San Francisco in August
    is there any possibilities that the recent earthquake in japan expand or repeat
    in this area ?


    • Francillette, Mois d’août est une longue absence. Je ne serais pas intéressé à ce moment. Je vais garder le site mis à jour sur le potentiel de hotspots sismique, mais je ne prévois pas de problème à San Francisco par le séisme japonais. Merci d’écrire Francillette.


  6. kristoffer says:

    hello, look at this map of the tectonic plates:

    when you watching this map, is there a possibility that an earthquake can be triggered where the american, eurasian and the african plate meets?
    there between America and Europe(in the atlantic ocean)?


  7. KAROO says:

    to The Extinction Protocol – sorry about that link to the Karoo – no idea why it’s inactive. Have just tried again myself……..:-(


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