Iran preparing Middle East for Israel’s destruction and coming of the Mahdi

March 3, 2011JERUSALEM – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress on Wednesday that Iran is trying to influence the outcomes of uprisings and revolutions throughout the Arab world. “They are doing everything they can to influence the outcomes in these places,” she said. The US secretary of state told the Senate Appropriations Committee that Tehran is using Hezbollah to communicate with Palestinians, who in turn communicate with counterparts in Egypt. She also explained that Iran is reaching out to opposition movements in Bahrain and are “very much involved” with the opposition in Yemen. “So either directly or through proxies, they are constantly trying to influence events. They have a very active diplomatic foreign policy outreach,” she said. “But it is also a challenge for the Iranians,” she added, “They don’t have a lot of friends, but they’re trying to curry more friends.” Clinton sounded a similar message to that expressed by US President Barack Obama on Tuesday, saying the US was intent on enforcing and expanding sanctions against Iran. She was pressed by Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey for not taking advantage of new sanctions legislation to punish international companies doing business in Iran. “We have a lot of catch-up to do. There are cases that are stalled in the review process,” Clinton acknowledged. But she said the administration is “moving” to act on these cases and that she expected more steps to be taken in the “near future. Clinton said the administration is also reviewing the situation in Lebanon, to find out more about the incoming government before making a determination on US policy toward Beirut.  –Jerusalem Post
The world is at a very dangerous stage in these power games. The lives of 200 million people in the Middle East hangs in the balance as the specter of anarchy and the shadow of nuclear conflict grows over the Middle East with each passing day.  As Iran prepares to arm itself with nuclear weapons and sounds the call for the consolidation of Islamic power in the Middle East in preparation for the coming of the Mahdi مهدي‎ (the Guided One), learn why this turning tide of revolution will eventually lead to the coming march on Israel. See Chapter 5 in my book: Iran, trip-wire to Armageddon
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5 Responses to Iran preparing Middle East for Israel’s destruction and coming of the Mahdi

  1. otay1 says:

    Who does she think she’s kiddin’ if not just herself? The U.S. is the most predatory vulture circling the skies of the world with an unbeaten kill score. This is a NWO attempt to snarf up as many world resources as possible in an unprecedented multiple coup. I’m with billions who’ve learned a thing or two in the last 10+ years of oppression…something she and those like her can’t understand.


  2. ole says:

    Iran is not considered a threat by most other arabic countries.
    Israël and the US on the other hand…


    • All I know is the region is destined for an explosive conflict sooner rather than later. We have some dark days ahead of us and its impossible to transit the great crossing unless we learn to detach ourselves from the conflictual final power struggles this world will be engaged in to hold on to the old Order. It’s an end-game and its a loss cause that will only bring more bloodshed to the Earth.


      • ole says:

        Didn’t notice you responded to my message !
        Obviously I understand you are not taking sides, barely highlighting the tensions building (whether they’re political, geological…) and with good reason unfortunately.
        As a westerner, I used to think I was born in an era where history “had happened” and all was left for us was to navelgaze. Somehow I am both glad and terrified to have been wrong.
        Such strange times we live in…

        Fantastic site by the way, it’s one of my daily stops. Thank you for your hard work !


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