Christchurch hit by huge dust storm- quake fatalities rise to 160

March 3, 2011 CHRISTCHURCH – Strong winds whipped up huge dust clouds in earthquake-hit Christchurch Wednesday, as officials defended the devastated city’s building standards. Gusts of 70 kilometres per hour (44 mph) buffeted emergency crews in the ruins of New Zealand’s second largest city, hampering the search for bodies amid fears of masonry dislodging and trees toppling. “In some places it was difficult to stand up, you’d look across the city and see these enormous clouds of dust blowing down the main avenues — it’s been a terrible day,” mayor Bob Parker said. The winds stirred an estimated 200,000 tonnes of silt and sand pushed up from the ground after the power of the February 22 quake loosened the bond between soil particles in a process called liquefaction. Search and rescue teams donned respirators and dodged flying sheets of corrugated iron as they raked through the wreckage, while supplies of facemasks were rushed to Christchurch for residents. –Terra Daily
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1 Response to Christchurch hit by huge dust storm- quake fatalities rise to 160

  1. susan bech says:

    This is so much more than these poor folks signed up for.


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