Earthquake seismic waves can trigger other seismic events across the planet

March 2, 2011LOS ANGELES – By studying seismographs from the earthquake that hit Chile last February, earth scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found a statistically significant increase of microearthquakes in central California in the first few hours after the main shock. The observation provides an additional support that seismic waves from distant earthquakes could also trigger seismic events on the other side of Earth. The results may be found online in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. It has been well known that microearthquakes can be triggered instantaneously by distant earthquakes. However, sometimes the triggered events could occur long after the passage of the direct surface waves that take the shortest path on Earth’s surface. There are several other explanations out there about how such delayed triggering occurs. Some involve the redistribution of pore fluids and triggered aseismic creep, while others simply consider them as aftershocks of the directly triggered events. But the group from Georgia Tech found something different. “From our research, we’ve concluded the delayed triggering that occurs in the first few hours after an earthquake could be caused by multiple surface waves traveling back and forth around the Earth multiple times,” said Zhigang Peng, assistant professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech. In a previous paper, also published in Geophysical Research Letters last December, Peng’s research group found that the direct surface waves of the Chilean earthquake triggered seismic activity in central California. In this new study, Peng’s group looked beyond the direct surface waves and focused on secondary and tertiary waves that return after traveling across the globe multiple times. In addition, they went beyond earthquake information published in the U.S. Geological Survey catalog and instead studied the seismographs. –Science Daily
I’ve said this for years and compiled numerous examples in my book of how seismic events were capable of triggering other seismic episodes across the planet. This is one reason why any escalation of seismic activity on this planet can be potentially dangerous. This holistic view of science is often lacking in many earth science research circles.
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7 Responses to Earthquake seismic waves can trigger other seismic events across the planet

  1. Kelly says:

    I really appreciate all of the great information you post your website. I have always felt that there are so many arms of science that do not take the, as you put it, holistic approach to research. Far too often research seems to be too focused, with very narrow parameters. When you step back and look at the big picture and the various other factors that can/do influence a specific outcome, things start to make a lot more sense.

    This same problem is displayed repeatedly with research on climate change. At times it seems to me that they miss what should be obvious, because they are focused so intensely on one aspect of a very complex issue.


  2. Mike UK. says:

    I have observed EQ patterns on USGS for a decade and concluded the same even to the point of predictability. But I believe it is basic physics in that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The problem being knowing precisely when and where that reaction will occur to trigger a major EQ or a swarm of minor ones perhaps on another continent. The Pacific tectonic plate is an interesting study in this respect I have found.


  3. Mike UK. says:

    March 19 there will be a SuperMoon when the moon makes its closest approach to earth for 18 years ( It will be interesting to observe a week either side if there are any significant changes in USGS EQ patterns. I predict there will be but nothing disastrous I hope.


  4. Tes says:

    Very interesting perspectives! I never really gave any thought to 2012 until I watched a special about about it on the history channel. Since then I have been researching volcanic and seismic activity as well as other current catastrophic events around the globe. In addition, I have been studying predictions made by the Mayans, Hopians, Nostradamus and Einstein along w/astrological findings. As Kelly stated, you really do need to look at the big picture! Mike mentions the Super Moon on March 2 and don’t you know…exactly a week before the 18th there’s a major earthquake that hits Tokyo. I think you can chalk one up in the disastrous category Mike. Thanks for all the input!


  5. machlipatnam says:

    i think this article is tracing out sequence of events between earthquakes.but there is an undeniable observation that chilean earthquake is followed by californian earthquake. i have seen the list of events in sequence on .


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