Devastation in New Zealand quake on par with Haiti

February 28, 2011CHRISTCHURCH, NZ – Luxury homes teeter near the edge of a cliff after landslides in Redcliffs yesterday rendered much of the surrounding terrain unstable outside Christchurch following the quake. The scale of devastation in quake-hit Christchurch is comparable with the destruction wreaked in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, New Zealand’s former premier Helen Clark said Monday, as rescuers prepared for the final death toll to rise above 200. The stark assessment came with much of the city lying in ruins after last Tuesday’s 6.3-magnitude quake caused widespread death and destruction, toppling buildings and tearing up roads. “The building damage I’ve seen compared with Haiti,” Clark, who now heads the United Nations Development Program, told Radio New Zealand Monday, referring to the massive quake which killed at least 220,000 in the Caribbean island in January last year. Let there be no mistake, New Zealand has suffered a tragedy of monumental proportions and it’s going to require every ounce of recovery in this country to push through from this,” she added. The death toll in Christchurch reached 147 late Sunday but police fear more than 50 still listed as “unaccounted for” lie dead in the rubble. Asked if he expected a final toll of 200, district commander Dave Cliff relied: “Yes, and probably a little higher than that ultimately.” –Terra Daily
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1 Response to Devastation in New Zealand quake on par with Haiti

  1. 2012 Preparations says:

    Being from New Zealand I can tell you the scale of devastation is nothing like Haiti. Our former Prime Minister forgets that 200,000 Haitians lost their lives. In Christchurch the final death toll is expected to be around 200 only. The whole of Haiti was effected. Christchurch is a small city in the South Island of the country. Haiti has no infrastructure and a defunct government. Christchurch still has some infrastructure and we have a functional Government that has quickly responded, and the entire country rallying to support Christchurch. Very big difference. There is massive devastation, particularly to the CBD but it’s insulting to Haitians to say it’s anything like what they experienced.


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