Are Arkansas quakes about to intensify?

February 28, 2011 (Greenbrier, AR) — The US Geological Society confirms as a 4.7 earthquake struck near Greenbrier Sunday night just after 11, followed by a 3.8 aftershock. KOLR/KSFX’s Facebook page was filled with reports from people feeling the quake as far as Ava, West Plains, and Reeds Spring, Missouri, as well as Calico Rock, Mountain View, and Flippin, Arkansas. “The couch I was sitting on felt like it was moving back and forth and the decor on the walls rattled,” says Erica Davis of West Plains. “In Hollister, my floor rumbled like crazy and my monitor was jumping,” says Judy Lockhart. “Strongest I’ve ever felt. That was creepy!” The quake struck in the midst of severe weather. Tornado and thunderstorm warnings were issued across northern Arkansas and southwest Missouri Sunday evening as a cold front moved in. “My pictures on the wall rattled in two different waves about 10 seconds apart, so I shut off the TV thinking I was listening for a tornado,” says Amber Hicks of Nixa. “Pretty neat if you ask me, not so much for the folks in Arkansas!” Shelia Maxwell, the Director of Faulkner County’s Office of Emergency Management, says that there have been no reports of damages associated with the earthquake. “We all got a pretty good shake, but no reports of damage at this time.” –Ozark First
According to the Arkansas Geological Survey, the 4.7 quake was the strongest quake to shake the state of Arkansas in 35 years after more than 800 quakes have shaken the area.
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2 Responses to Are Arkansas quakes about to intensify?

  1. Jasmine says:

    I am in Northwest Arkansas and I felt 2. One in the early afternoon while shopping and also the 4.7 that happened at 11 pm. Some have speculated it is due to drilling in central arkansas and that it is agitating the fault lines. Either way, I am prepared for a large earthquake to happen in the future. When it does happen, houses and buildings will be demolished as our cities have failed to construct with the thought of earthquakes being a likelihood. I imagine a catastrophe much like hurricane Katrina in terms of damage.


  2. Laura says:

    Please stay safe, Jasmine!

    I too believe this is being caused by “fracking”. In the early 1960’s, the USGS and the Army Core Of Engineers did a study on “deep well injection” in Colorado, and they concluded that deep well injection did in fact induce earthquakes. You can find that study on the USGS website.

    It’s no coincidence, when you examine Arkansas earthquake history, that things have definitely sped up. Especially when related to quake frequency following advanced drilling techniques. In 2010, the total amount of earthquakes that year alone, nearly equals the total amount for the entire 20th century. 500 earthquakes rocked Guy, Arkansas during the last four months of 2010, alone. In December, over 150 quakes.

    If the earthquakes don’t scare the hell out of people, the harm it is doing to our drinking water and water sources should. I highly recommend watching the documentary, Gasland. It was nominated for an Oscar last night. I also encourage everyone to do some research on “fracking”. Mainstream Media has been picking up on this a lot lately. Not only in relation to earthquakes, but the damage to our water.

    If Alvin will allow me, I’ll include a link here that is a great place to start, in order to understand what “fracking” is and the harm it causes.


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