Rare and unusual snow storm may hit San Francisco

February 25, 2011SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After bringing snow to the Pacific Northwest Wednesday into Thursday, a very cold storm originating from Alaska will continue southward along the coast of California. The image to the right shows this low-pressure system moving from California into the Southwest Friday through Saturday, bringing snow to unusual places along its path. Snow will fall to elevations as low as 1,000 feet in the San Francisco Bay Area on Friday. By Friday night into Saturday morning, it’s not out of the question that some flakes may fall as low as sea level in the Bay Area. This is all dependent on how much moisture is leftover as the coldest air arrives. According to the National Weather Service, it has not snowed in downtown San Francisco since February of 1976. This gives an idea of the rarity of snow in San Francisco thanks to the marine influence of the Pacific Ocean. According to the National Weather Service in Los Angeles, temperatures around 18,000 feet up in atmosphere could hit levels only seen one other time in the area since 1977. Just another example of how cold and unusual this storm is. –Weather.com
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1 Response to Rare and unusual snow storm may hit San Francisco

  1. jason robley says:

    I live in Vallejo , Ca. Which is about 26 miles east of San Francisco and as of 10;45pm Feb.25 ,2011 we have had no snow yet. It is about 35* out side but no snow. That could change in the morning. I’ll give a 7am update about the weather at that point. God bless the world and it’s poor people…………


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