Extreme weather patterns may worsen in 2012 says NASA scientist

February 26, 2011AUSTRALIAAs unsual as weather patterns have been and will be in 2011; it’s hard to imagine things getting more extreme but that’s exactly what top climate scientists are now warning the public about.  ‘Kevin Trenberth, the head of climate analysis for of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research, explained: “There is a systematic influence on all of these weather events nowadays because there is more water vapour lurking around in the atmosphere than there used to be, say, 30 years ago. It’s about a four per cent extra amount, provides plenty of moisture for these storms and it’s unfortunate that the public is not associating this with the fact that this is one manifestation of climate change. And the prospects are that these kinds of things will only get worse in the future.” Globally, 2010 saw 19 nations – a record number – set temperature records including Pakistan, which hit 53.5C, the hottest temperature ever reliably measured in Asia’s history. From mid-December to mid-January of this year, the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) reported that parts of north-eastern Canada were 21C above average, “which are very large values to be sustained for an entire month.” In Coral Harbour, in the north-west corner of Hudson Bay, “the town went 11 days without getting down to its average daily high.” In mid-December, Greenland experienced the most extreme high-pressure system of its kind ever recorded anywhere on the planet. Last year saw the greatest ice melt on record for Greenland. In America, Tennessee was devastated by a once-in-1,000-year rain storm leading to what some called Nashville’s Katrina. In October, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Midwest broke pressure records. Craig Fugate, who heads the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, said in December: “The term ‘100-year event’ really lost its meaning this year.”
The Moscow heatwave this summer was so severe that the Russian Meteorological Centre reported: “There was nothing similar to this on the territory of Russia during the last 1,000 years in regard to the heat.” The Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, said: “What is happening now in our central regions is evidence of this global climate change, because we have never in our history faced such weather conditions in the past.” Pakistan was inundated by a deluge that seemed beyond imagination – until an area the size of Germany and France combined was inundated by “biblical” floods in Australia. In Carnarvon, more than a year’s rain fell in just 24 hours. In one city in Queensland, six inches fell in just 30 minutes. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology in its annual report for 2010 pointed out: “Very warm sea surface temperatures contributed to the record rainfall and very high humidity across eastern Australia during winter and spring. The most recent decade (2001-10) was also the warmest decade on record for sea surface temperatures following the pattern observed over land.” America’s top climatologist, Dr James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, said: “Given the association of extreme weather and climate events with rising global temperature, the expectation of new record high temperatures in 2012 also suggests that the frequency and magnitude of extreme events could reach a high level in 2012.” –The Citizen
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17 Responses to Extreme weather patterns may worsen in 2012 says NASA scientist

  1. Euro-Atlantic hello. Actually it is 4% now and what’s eroding climate stability across the planet involves several factors none of which are caused by La Niña, or El Niño – instead these oceanic oscillations are the effects of the factors. Only one thing has the ability to excite processes to the point of ultimately altering atmospheric conditions on a planet and that is energy. The planet has always had a wobble, known as Chandler’s wobble since its reorientation as this has been part of the mythological records of precession. We will always face dangers from dark comets, asteroids, and comets as Earth is surrounded by multiple spheres of debris but I do not see physical objects in space as a catalyst for anything currently transpiring on our planet with its geology.


  2. There is no doubt that climate change is a real factor in todays weather changes and pattern greatly due to the way in which we cosume more energy than we use to, there are more cars on the roads and more manufacturing sites are being built to accomodate an ever increasing need for consumers. What does this mean for our future, well the truth is because of these luxuries we will suffer the consequences and that is extreme weathers, more hurricanes and tornadoes and potentially increasing the pressure on the sea beds resulting in more Earthquakes and Tsunamis, last month saw one of the deadliest earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and the Extreme flooding of Australia, would we see more of these, im afraid so… Our governments and our society as a whole need to tackle this ever increasing need of consumption, we need to do more in renewing our waste and find ways in implementing renewable energy sources that don’t depend on burning more fuel than we have to. We need smarter and sophisticated approach in dealing with this challenges that we face and it starts by being aware and accepting there is a problem. It starts today and it starts now because if we don’t the future will continue to worsen and the planet we live in will face a dire disaster all due to our negligence and lack of understanding of this wider issue. I hope whoever read what I have written made sense and I hope that people do their bit by bringing ideas to the table, lets worry about building better technologies that embrace renewable sources rather than depending on the resources that will eventually die out soon, lets work together to build a better brighter and more prosperous future for generations to come.


  3. Texasboy says:

    It seems to me that every government on the planet is ignoring the imminent destruction of our society. Sure every now and then they will bring up the subject of climate change, come out with another hybrid car (that most people can’t afford), dump millions into research of alternative fuel sources, but the fact is, its too late and its not enough to stop what has already begun. It seems like this is only the beginning and weather related disasters will get much worse. If this is the case, we may be a doomed species.


  4. Amoi says:

    What is sad is that in the US the climate change has become a political debate between the major parties and not a national issue that needs to be looked at to protect its people’s future. Science is science and the numbers do not lie. If the politicians do not understand science and the impact of climate changes have and will have on society then we are lost.

    Four percent extra in moisture I believe it is coming from the air temp. rise causing a rise in temperature of the oceans which cause more evaporation. I wonder how many of the key politicians had basic physics and have the ability to grasp fluid mechanics.

    And the american people are being swayed by political interests and not being educated on what they need to know and not having a chance to decide on the changes that need to be made to secure this country’s future.

    I appreciate this article. One thing may be explained in terms of energy which is the only factor that affects climate change. Earth energy from sun and outerspace sources vs. energy related to human activity green house and the energy impact, natural and human induced, on climate. Charts and visual aids always make it easier for anyone to understand the complex science analysis.


  5. Mr Les says:

    We’re all being drawn into a singularity so rapidly, humans on earth will manifest in a different space and time. And, climae change will not matter, because this is the beginning of the Rapture.


  6. Parker says:

    What does Mr Les mean by “drawn into a singularity”?


    • T-nac Shegs says:

      we sure get d message..


    • carol says:

      He may mean the fact the our sun is also evolving and becoming more energetic as are the other planets in our solar system. What is happening on Earth is part of a larger change possibly happening on a galactic level. Everything is gaining in energy as the solar system reaches a point on its journey around the galactic centre where more energy will flood into our solar system affecting the Earth and all living things. We will have to experience that to know what it will be like.


  7. just wondering says:

    no one mentioned that we had 2 major earthquakes that both changed the earths axis ..could that have something to do with the weather pattern change? i think this along with the sytematic distruction of our enviroment in the name of profit has alot to do with it… the poloticians of to day are one step away from cave man beliving the boogyman and some even hope for the end of the world


  8. I’ve compiled graphs going back over 100 years in some cases, showing steadily climbing instances of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and global temperature. It is extremely clear that *something* is happening, even though there is a lot of disagreement about precisely what.


    I believe climate is a dynamic cycle, and it’s own widepspread effects are feeding the forces of itself. It’s like a big engine, where more or less consentrations of water vapor cause extreme heat, floods, cyclones, and draught. More CO2 causes more ice melt, more evaporation, and more water vapor. Since the begining of the 19th Century, global industrialization has been feeding more and more CO2 into the engine by choosing to use fossil fuels. We are basically reshaping our environment like no other species has ever done before, and corporations are profiteering from raping the Earth’s natural resources. It’s sad but human beings can not travel back in time, however; we can still take control of our future and our offspring’s future through the research, awareness and practice of clean and renewable energy sources.

    Hybrid (Electric/Diesel) automobiles or public transportation, recycling, eat less meat, take a walk, ride a bike, utilize hemp-based products and/or use less paper, drink from the tap, use less hot water in the shower, don’t leave the water running while brushing teeth, open your windows, use solar and wind energy, turn down your radio, don’t buy bulky packaged products, and say NO! to fast food. Yes, all these ideas can reduce pollution, but, sorry, it’s already too late.


  10. Thom says:

    One thing is clear, no matter what you believe the truth is that weather patterns have been changing for many hundreds of years, nothing can do done to stop it, you cannot hide from it, you cannot change what will happen, by farting, or by buying a green credit, the truth is that this has been happening for a long long time and even the most educated scientists do not know for sure, what will happen next.


  11. Hasan says:

    I want to know the weather forecast about southern Sindh province of Pakistan. Specially for Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Samaro, Tharparkar and Badin Districts, for the year 2012. Specially regarding rains. PLZ give me this information it will be helpful for me as I am an agricultural grower. I searched it on internet but did not find any prediction about coming moonsoon season.


  12. Jani says:

    Humankinds ignorance and monetary greed has resulted in our earths downward spiral sorry to say but I think we are all in for a rude awakening better stock up on survival gear for the real meaning of survival of the fittest will be tested in 2012


  13. DaV says:

    One way to less this issue is drop humankinds population. More people=more comsumption=more heat=more waste=more damage. As our population increase the demand for survival will kick in resulting catostrophic destruction of our planet and……………..Ourselves.


  14. raziel says:

    …..a cleasining of the entire planet of those who dont deserve to be here anymore people with no morals stupidity and wasteful attitudes im aboriginal and to be honest im sickin by all this ive been watching all the weather patterns this year and im seeing big changes from the west to the east in both canada and the us……….human consumption is like a virus that wont quit….see for yourselves as this years progress is caused by human influence….


  15. I believe that the radiation leaking from the nuclear accident in Japan is causing a rapid decay of the ozone layer of our planet. No one speaks of it but the leak continues and the damage to the planet cannot be stopped!


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