As tectonic plates pull apart, volcanoes will awaken

February 26, 2010ATLANTIC OCEAN – Perhaps there is no better place to see this growing  tectonic plate agitation and accelerating state of geological change than in the forces tearing at Iceland, the Eastern African Rift and in the Atlantic Ocean near the Tristan da Cunha which lies near the MAR boundary. According to geologists, the Atlantic Ocean began to form when the African and South American plates were thrust apart about 120 million years ago. Ocean floor spreading continues at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where relatively shallow rising magma erupts into basalt lava forming low ridges on the ocean floor, pushing Africa north-eastwards and South America north-westwards at a current rate of about 2cm a year. Tristan da Cunha is not on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge but is a surface expression of a deep-seated hot spot some 400 km east of the ridge (see map right). Hot spots (The Hawaiian Islands are another example) such as these receive magma from deep in the earth’s mantle. A swarm of earthquakes occurred beneath Tristan da Cunha during the nights of 28 and 29 July 2004. The main swarm lasted about 8 hours and occurred 30 km below the volcano. The Tristan volcano is about 2060 meters high. We believe we are seeing early signs of a potential volcanic awakening of the Tristan volcanic hotspot on the seismograph below as the sea floor spread.  –The Extinction Protocol
Anomalistic harmonic seismic pattern seen under Tristan de Cunha volcanic hotspot – February 26, 2011
Update: 4.8 magnitude quake strikes along the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge at a depth of 10 km
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1 Response to As tectonic plates pull apart, volcanoes will awaken

  1. Maiden PEI says:

    Thanx for the short, easy to understand explanation of all the Earth changes & the seismic graphs, & for the images to go along with it all – this is soooo amazing!


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