Hundreds of birds drop dead in Juarez, Mexico – U.S. poultry industry threatened

February 25, 2011EL PASO, TX –  The U.S. food supply could be at risk because of a virus spreading in Juarez. Hundreds of birds have dropped dead across the city and now people are hoping the outbreak does not spread to U.S. poultry. The problem is it spreads very easily. It spreads through the air, it spreads through the contact with any discharges from the bird or tissues. It can be on your shoes and you can track it to another area where there’s birds.” Doctor Nancy Harvey is a bird expert who owns her own clinic. She says the virus causes nasal and eye discharge, diarrhea, paralysis, tremors and even sudden death in birds. “It’s not a virus of dogs and cats so Coco you don’t have to worry about this one.” Can the bird virus spread to people? “It’s not contagious to people but it could really wipe out the poultry industry.” We are told the last major outbreak was in the 1970’s when the U.S. had to destroy millions of birds in California. A smaller local outbreak happened in 2003 in El Paso’s Lower Valley. Dr. Harvey says because the virus spreads so easily, and has recently been detected over the border, it could spread to El Paso but she says the biggest risk is not from birds that fly over the border, it is from people who smuggle in birds for cockfighting. –KTSM 9 TV
The horror stories just keep coming in of how key components of the planet’s biosphere, which are essential to life, are all beginning to unravel. This is a phenomena that will start exponentially accelerating with time as I warned in my book.  See also Fractual: World disintegrating
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2 Responses to Hundreds of birds drop dead in Juarez, Mexico – U.S. poultry industry threatened

  1. josh says:

    Wow more and more are dying.


  2. Kelly says:

    I do not know the specifics of this bird virus, but I firmly believe that the shift in our livestock industries to ‘intensive’ livestock operations……………….massive feed lots, huge hog operations, poultry by the tens of thousands…………….it created the perfect storm.
    Only 20 years ago you did not hear of, never mind worry about vaccinating for half of the damned viruses and diseases that are now plaguing the industry.

    WE need to wake up. Our governments and federal agriculture departments need to wake up, before it is too late……………….. if it isn’t already.


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