Dozens of dead baby dolphins wash up on U.S. Gulf coast

February 23, 2011BILOXI, Ms – Dozens of dead baby dolphins have mysteriously washed ashore in Alabama and Mississippi in the latest mass animal deaths. Twenty-eight corpses have been found so far – ten times the usual number, 20 in the last month. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is investigating the cause of the tragedy. Scientists at the institute are carrying out tests on the marine mammals in attempt to find the cause of their deaths. Reports say it is too early to tell if there is a connection between the deaths and last year’s BP oil spill, which happened during the dolphin’s breeding season. The dolphin deaths are the latest in a series of mass animal deaths from around the world. – Mirror
(c) 2011 Associated Press
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3 Responses to Dozens of dead baby dolphins wash up on U.S. Gulf coast

  1. otay1 says:

    Ok. This is one of those topics I’d best avoid unless prepared once more to crash emotionally for days.
    The other part of it is the exasperatingly dismal intellectual limitations of those ‘investigating’ when everything is dead or dying in the GOM and everyone full well knows why.
    Desperately surreal.


  2. Blaze says:

    I can’t keep up with all the mass animal deaths….it will be affecting all mankind shortly.

    Oh…wait sorry for interupting your American idol……….but Wake Up people!


  3. Francie Griffith says:

    BP is to blame. They need to be held accountable. The US government does nothing about anything important. THEY too should be held accountable.


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