6.3 quake strikes South Island of New Zealand – at least 75 dead

 6.3 quake strike South Island of New Zealand- RAW FEED – 1.23pm: Christchurch -NBR reporter Chris Hutching reports from the central  “The roads are running with water. It’s like rivers everywhere. Fill of grey liquifaction silt.  The shakes are happening every minutes. There are constant aftershocks.””When the first earthquake happened there was a bit of liquifaction on my front lawn. When I came home today water had erupted in seven places. It was gushing out of my front lawn like a river. My front lawn is covered in two feet of grey liquifaction silt. “My chimney survived the first quake. It’s buggered now. Most of it’s gone.” “All the power’s off.” People are being evacuated from the city centre, Mr Hutching said. Cracks have appeared in the ground a foot wide and eight feet deep. “People are distressed. People are running everywhere. Some of them are weeping. This is like something you could never imagine”. “The main access roads are still all full of water. “Cars are driving through like it’s a flood area. All of this water has been pushed out of the ground. It’s just incredible.” –NBR
A strong earthquake killed at least 75 people in New Zealand’s second-biggest city of Christchurch on Tuesday, with more casualties expected as rescuers worked into the night to find scores of people trapped inside collapsed buildings.
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4 Responses to 6.3 quake strikes South Island of New Zealand – at least 75 dead

  1. Brent says:

    Holy shizza, water spewing out of the ground? That is scary!


  2. Erica says:

    My thoughts are with all residents of NZ. watching the news i heard the statement from the head of defence.. “defence teams were coincidently running an excersice at the time of the quake and so were on the scene immediatley” I find this really suspicious.


  3. Novelka says:

    Does any known source say anything about the Christ Church (or the Church of Christ) being destroyed in the End Days?


  4. Sosume says:

    I agree Erica these poor people are in my thoughts as well, but this story wreaks of “look over here” media coverage. I have been watching the news and this is the first real coverage that has come from all the natural disasters around the word. Why this story? Why not flooding in Australia or all the volcanoes that seem to be going off daily? I’m not a conspiracy nut but the lack of coverage of all the other stories makes this one smells funny.


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