Tectonic plate agitation ripple across global seismographs

February 21, 2011CHILE – Increased tectonic plate agitation has shown up as a dense band of waves across most of the world’s seismometers. It could be another major quake precusor. Of particular concern is the pressure exerted on the Nazca plate by this latest episode. The citizens of South America should stay alert for any potential seismic episode. This may be just a realignment or it could be a sign of mounting stress- so it’s no prediction. Ironically, Chile is off-line according to the USGS  but here are seismographs for Brazil (left) and Venezuela (right) below:


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12 Responses to Tectonic plate agitation ripple across global seismographs

  1. Ron says:

    Love the website. I check here daily. My only comment would be that it would be great to see links to your sources.


  2. lukaszjozwiak says:

    Where is this all going ? How much time do we have left ?


    • I believe the planet is moving towards the spectrum of the chaotic geological model I described in my book. Though we speak of the essential nature of the oceans regulating weather across the planet; it is fire that rules planet Earth not water and the amount of magma shifting beneath the planet’s surface is almost unfathomable in ratio to the water contained in our ocean basins. That magma is under enormous amounts of pressure and the more the planet gyrates, the more that pressure is aggravated. Thermal energy drives every geological process that sustains life on planet Earth- from radioactive decay and convection in the mantle to the venting of excess heat energy through volcanism. It is that fire that will eventually tilt the planet towards catastrophe when this geological process begins fully unwinding. The geological systems in the planet’s interior, which are hidden from human eyes, involve a complex order of feed-back loops. They are interdependent and work or fail in function in concert with supporting systems. We can’t ascertain a time but we can know that the process is accelerating and the needle has moved down the scale towards disorder. Geological upheaval of some kind has defined nearly every epochal period of extinction in history and the only thing different in this one is everything seems to be unraveling simultaneously.


  3. Blaze says:

    EP thanks for all your research. As many are watching the enormous changes within the earth, there are also major changes with the sun and our magnetosphere. I believe your last statement is correct “everything seems to be unraveling simultaneously”.


  4. Sam says:

    Great site! Not sure I share your interest in the bible angle on current events, but I am very curious and somewhat concerned about what seems like an escalating number of scientific signs of danger. I appreciate your hard work in aggregating news of these events in one place. I also appreciate how conscientious you are about separating the science and news reporting from your personal beliefs about what it all might mean.

    What I would really be interested in seeing on your site would be some kind of information that puts these events in proper scientific context — whether it’s from reputable news sources, govt reports, academic studies, or even your own analyses of reliable historical data. (Sorry – not trying to add to your workload! It’s just that, personally, I feel like I need to understand what the “norm” is before I allow myself to get too worried about what seems like a lot of troubling events.)

    For example, I am struck by the constant stream of reports about volcanic and seismic activity these days. It seems alarming to me, but then I don’t know how much volcanic and seismic activity we normally experience. Have the activity levels in 2010 and so far in 2011 been higher than other previous years — and if so, by how much? (statistically significant increases?) Same with the mass animal deaths — I’ve been very disappointed that I cannot find any news reporting on this subject which includes stats about how many unexplained mass animal death events happen in a typical year. This seems like the key when trying to determine whether the current trend is unusual and worrisome. (Maybe it’s not unusual, and therefore not worrisome — but I would want to know the stats to support that conclusion if that’s the case because intuitively it seems alarming to me.) Just wondering if you’ve tried (or are planning to try in the future) to find or compile such historical information for purposes of putting all these seemingly alarming events in context. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


    • Glad you enjoy the site Sam. I started the blog as a companion piece for the book so it gives an individual a more sufficient frame of reference when you’re looking at my source material and compiled data. Yes, I have charted the volcanic eruptions in the USGS database by each year and included the results of my findings in relationship to these earthchanges in the book. In laying out a case of science, I’ve meticulously chronicled and catalogued all the major Earthchanges that have occurred on the planet for a year- the book is 650 pages. What I tell people is to follow the trail of science and come to your own conclusion. I think very soon, it will become painfully obviously to all that something is going awry with the mechanics of the planet. There is no reason to worry because there is nothing we can do about it- things are never static, we live in a dynamic universe of ceaseless change and sometimes that change is cyclical and gradual and other times its abrupt and sudden but to survive, we will have to learn to adapt to those changing conditions. Indigenous elders have been warning us about the disconnect for years. I appreciate your letter and thanks for weighing in. Hope that helps…


  5. William Kolhs says:

    I am a faithful reader of your blog EP. Like many here, I visit daily for my updates as it gives me all the latest in regards to documented facts from your book. As I watch these events unfold, I refer back to what you wrote about in your book. There is really no need for any to doubt an escalation of these mishaps if they are observing the signs. The book really lays out a map of explanations if you have read it. Thanks EP for continue updating your blog, it’s like getting extra bonus chapters to the book. I am sure those have read it would agree. At this point, I’d like to say,” May God continue to bless you for the research and time you have invested in your mission and please give us a follow up book to the ‘Extinction Protocol’.
    The beyond would be nice.


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