Massive swarm of tremors rattle Iceland along the MAR

February 21, 2011ICELAND – The event that has rattled tectonic plates across the planet in the latest global seismic reading of the 22:00 -23:00 GMT event continues to result from the on-going divergent dynamism between the North American and Eurasian plate. Now we can see the violent force of this dynamism in play along the massive Mid Atlantic Ridge that runs through the country of Iceland. A massive swarm of at least 60 tremors have shaken the region mostly along the Reykjanes peninsula within the span of four hours. 
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2 Responses to Massive swarm of tremors rattle Iceland along the MAR

  1. TinkerB says:

    I would like to say thank you for your time and effort towards this blog. I check it daily for quick info on current events. I don’t share your Christian beliefs but I do respect them.

    I would like to put forth the notion that information, regardless of source, should be checked for accuracy and that the full “story” be conveyed so as to not slant the readers conclusion towards one angle or another.

    The above earthquake swarm was caused by man- a hydrothermal powerplant (or at least some of it). Please see the following links:


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