Mass black bird deaths reported in Ukraine

February 21, 2011 SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine — Mass deaths of blackbirds in the Crimea are puzzling Ukrainian scientists. Dozens of the migratory birds have been found dead on the Kamyshovskoye highway in Sevastopol, along Kazachya Bay and in other coastal areas, ITAR-Tass reported Saturday. Ornithologist Alexander Grinchenko of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds said it is not yet known if the blackbirds died from infection or poisoned food. They probably flew from North Africa, where no bird epidemics are reported. The first examinations by the Sevastopol state veterinary center suggest frost as a cause. A recent storm brought heavy snow and frigid weather to the Crimea. Tissues from the dead birds have been sent to a veterinary clinic in Simferopol, and a diagnosis is expected within a week. The mass bird death is the first reported in Ukraine, and it is not known if there is any connection to recent incidents in the United States and Europe.  –UPI
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3 Responses to Mass black bird deaths reported in Ukraine

  1. Heather Lynne says:

    There are several articles with the same scenario. They usually state that test results will come back in a week or so. Is there a website for any of the articles posted here with those results?


    • I’m not aware of one. Like the numerous stories concerning these incidents, ‘we’re doing tests in a week’ usually means that’s the last time the public hears about it, in most cases, unless it’s something that heavily reported in the news.


  2. Mark Kartheiser says:

    I want to truly thank you for the amazing work you have been putting into this site with all the information you are providing for us. I found a link to your site a few weeks back and have been checking for updates and scouring for articles 4 to 5 times a day. : ) I plan on ordering your book this weekend. During the mean time as you keep keeping us informed, I will be blasting this site on FB and telling any and all persons I run into. I use to spend hours a day trying to gather all this info.

    Again thank you……

    It just sickens me I keep seeing, hearing, and reading all these reports on animals dieing and there’s no damn explanation. When there is one we know it’s just BS. O’ must have been those fireworks, or some semi slammed into them but there’s no real sign of blunt trauma. Here’s an article I found that just really flipped my boat. I believe this cause is more of a human interaction from the oil burst then maybe from the earth itself, but who knows.


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