Kamchatka quake shows tension across tectonic plates is building

February 20, 2011KAMCHATKA – We’ve had another major seismic incident. This one involves a powerful divergence force between the Eurasian and the North American Plate. The two large plates form a divergent plate boundary- which means that are violently pulling away from each other under great stress. The violence force of the tearing rips the crust between the two plates producing power seismic waves which collide with the plate boundaries. This pop-and-tear effect can be seen below in the following seismographs. More quakes may result. We see unrest from this latest episode along the coast of Eastern China, Russia, and Koreas, agitation stress may ripple through the Philippines and the Caribbean plate is again stressed by this North American lurch. The pop-and-tear effect demonstrated below in the telemetry data in seismographs of China (left) and Alaska (right).


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