Thoughts on what solar cycle 24 could bring

February 17, 2011Arnoud writes: Nice site with a lot of info! Three weeks ago I was in India (Rajastan) and in the middle of the night my bed was moving. First I thought my big sister was turning but she asked the same to me….it was strange feeling but since I didn’t believe it could be an earthquake I fell asleep fast. Next day I heard about a 7.2 tremor in Pakistan 1000 KM away, damn that was a strong one! I am curious about what the solar 24 cycle will bring, all I found is contradictions about it’s strength. What do you think? Will we have a strong one or will we be entering a cooling period? Thanks!!
The Extinction Protocol: Thanks, Arnoud. Solar cycle 24 is ambiguous depending on which NASA report you read. The Sun is supposed to reach its maximum sometime between 2012 and 2013 from what NASA forecasters are saying and some scientists are saying it could be stronger than previous cycles however troublesome signs are already emerging from our nearest star. We’ve been saying solar activity has been increasing for sometime especially with the rapid density of sunspot formation we’re seeing on the solar surface along with the high-intensity solar flaring. In less than a week, for example, sunspot 1158 formed out of nowhere and expanded to an area wider than the planet Jupiter and unleashed the strongest solar flares since Dec. 2006. Then there is the mid-latitude coronal holes which are already forming on the Sun, something that’s more characteristic of solar activity during the latter stage of the maximum cycle. Our readers remember us reporting on this on February 1 and Japanese scientists followed and released a report on this event on February14 (see both below). Of course, the next leap in logic is if the Sun is becoming this chaotic and turbulent two years from a maximum- what will the next two years bring?  And that is exactly where our concern is wandering. Prepare for a cycle that’s stronger than normal with a series of potentially dangerous CME’s which could hold the potential to neutralize electrical systems in space and on Earth from late 2011 to 2013. As far as the climate- I think the oscillation of extreme meteorological cycles are indicative of a collapse of conditions as we have known them here on Earth. I think the planet will gyrate between the extremes of partial glaciations- deluges in spring and monsoons, and drought – and hellfire summers. 
Here are a few other items that may be of interest to you: Our Feb. 1 post on Coronal holes  – The Japanese Feb. 14 report on Coronal holes  and the very curious warning LAPAN apparently issued to Indonesia in the Jakarta Post to prepare for massive 2012-2015 solar storms – Indonesia
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8 Responses to Thoughts on what solar cycle 24 could bring

  1. Jamie says:

    Just watched this video;
    I lived in both Rayne and Crowley in the 1980’s. They are too far from the Gulf of Mexico for this to be an issue with Corexit. They are over 100 miles from Cameron, LA and 150 miles from New Orleans.
    When I lived down there it was miserably hot and humid but just last year my daughter-in-law told me that they topped out at heat indices upwards of 130 degrees ( this may have been actual temperatures. I cannot beleive that they would hit this high without being on national broadcasts.) These are temperatures that can kill….even in the shade.
    My sister, in Tennessee, had one of the worst summers I have ever seen. ( I was there for several weeks visiting ). The heat index was 117 for a straight week I believe and base temps were over 100 for weeks on end. The ground dried up, her entire garden died and even an apple tree succumbed to the blistering heat. It was a horrible drought the year before as well. Then came the epic deluge of May. I had just arrived back in Michigan when it hit.

    Mr. Conway, I grew up in Tennessee and had never seen heat like they had last summer. You could not go outside and the weather meteorologists were warning people to stay out of the heat. I have noticed these past two years that the sun feels different in any weather. It’s hotter and brighter….but you won’t hear that on the news.

    Something is very WRONG with the Sun right now ( as opposed to what we consider “right” I suppose ) and in no way is this healthy for Earth or it’s inhabitants.
    When Clarksville, TN experienced an F-3 tornado in the winter of 1999 —-—-( January 22nd to be exact ) I knew that something was very wrong.

    Right now, my Hollyhocks are green and have new leaves…….it’s February…….
    My Dusty Miller plants ( annuals ) survived under a foot and a half of snow and below zero temps……….creeeeepy!
    I am just trying to figure out if this is due to the core of the Earth heating up as well or just that we are marching at 40 miles a year and accelerating towards a polar shift? Or is it both?

    I have complained to my veterinarian that my dog is shedding copious amounts of hair this winter and she said that many of her clients are complaining of the same thing with their pets as well………extra creeeeepy!
    Birds, fish, whales, sharks, crab, octopi, seals, bees, bats, and other creatures just dropping dead…commiting suicide it would seem in some cases, but, are we just not either intelligent enough to understand their behavior or have we just lost touch with our natural surroundings to the point that these events have no meaning to most of the population? Either way…..the outcome will be the same.


    • Jamie, the temperature within the planet is rising. You really need to read the book if you haven’t ordered it already because I provide tons of data on why our planet is shifting toward the spectrum of geological catastrophism. A set of factors have been set in motion that are both irreversible and uncontrollable and it’s simultaneously happening to every planet in our solar system, as it is similarly exciting the solar dynamics on our Sun. If you’re reading or have read the book…things are progressing as I forecasted they would. That’s an interesting video piece…


      • Roger Rabbit says:

        It’s like a feeling that somethings coming, like “the calm before the storm”. As most main-streamed media tries to censor out the truth about whats really going to happen on this world, some events simply can’t be covered up. I live approximately 60 miles from Nashville, TN & the flood last Spring, they called it the 1000 yr flood?
        I predict it WILL happen again this year, again. I guess the so-called experts will say it’s a 5000 yr flood. I suspect the polar shift has already taken place or is in route as I’m typing this.

        All I know is the sun isn’t where it’s supposed to be anymore. Supposed to rise in the east & set in the west. It’s rising from the SE & setting in the NW. Its as simple as this, something is WRONG! We’re too late to change it & we can’t stop what’s happening. We’re all in for rough ride for some time to come. I haven’t read your book, however I consider myself somewhat intuitive on the subject. It would not surprise me at all if an ELE (extinction level event) occurs in the nearby future, say 9-18 months. And that could either be manmade & or natural. It was reported briefly in 1983 via Iras, that a meteor the size of Texas would hit the earth in 2012.

        The truth is: this world is about to change as we know it. Call it an ending? I think NOT! Look on the bright side, peace on earth will finally be achieved!


  2. arnoud says:

    Thanks for the info and links! very convincing indeed that this solar cycle will be strong….

    For some time I’ve been following from which is where I got a link to this site. I find his theory interesting; not by fire but by ice. What do you think about this? Volcanic eruptions could set off a new ice age and magnetic pole shifts could relocate the poles. All these earth/solar changes scares me when considering next year it´s 2012. Economically and financially were also heading towards chaos, it all seems to coincide together…

    I wonder if you are relocating to a safer place to be able to survive all this. I am thinking to relocate to mountain area in Brazil away from the low lands of the Netherlands.

    Greatings from Amsterdam


    • Thanks Arnoud. Volcanic eruptions can create a nuclear winter scenario and could cause temperatures to plunge across the globe though most of the world would likely die from starvation and crop failure before things probably progressed to the next stage. One in twelve people in the world are already malnourished…so it wouldn’t take much by way of a horrific global disaster for things to slide off the deep end relatively quickly. I will migrate out of harm’s way as conditions warrant it…I think we have to be mobile-in-concert tempo with the changes that are due but I have no specified place of refuge or a bunker. Waking people up and saving other people’s lives is more important to me than trying to safeguard my own.


  3. Blaze says:

    EP – it is a very noble cause.


  4. patricia martin says:

    Let’s take a look at this here for a moment. Firstly, a lot is happening…folks should be getting prepared to survive.
    OK,,,all electronics go out…hmmm…that would mean that those who are prepared will do just fine and be able to help others…folks, prepared will already be growing their own food…folks with solar energy systems, will still have energy, if used wisely. Folks will be communicating, face to face…Folks will barter and trade…folks will have to work together..Folks will have to be Humanitarian…The Human race will become kinder…things would change. And by the time electronics for Earth return…folks will be quite different…Things will have changed…so, there is a positive side…


  5. arnoud says:

    From a forum:
    Counter intuitively, the largest CME ejections and largest flares have occurred during weak solar magnetic cycles and during the period of transition from a strong cycle to a weak cycle.

    The solar magnetic cycle strength was the strongest in roughly 8000 years during the later half of the 20th century. The solar magnetic cycle appears to be changing back to a low cycle.

    As noted above Livingston and Penn’s analysis indicates that each newly formed sunspot in solar cycle 24 (starting about 1998) had and has less and less magnetic field strength which indicates the mechanism that creates the magnetic ropes deep within the solar interior has been interrupted. The magnetic ropes when released float up through the turbulent solar convection zone to the sun’s surface where they form sunspots. The magnetic ropes require a calculate strength of 3000 gauss to avoid being torn apart in as they rise in the through the convection zone.

    The recent sunspots are distorted and asymmetrical forming an unstable magnetic field configuration which then releases a solar flare.

    What creates a solar CME (coronal mass ejection) is not known. The coronal mass ejection is a massive release of high velocity ions (a plasma) that travels through space striking the earth’s ionosphere creating a space charge differential in the ionosphere. The space charge differential creates massive electric currents through the ionosphere and from the ionosphere to the surface of the planet.

    This paper discusses the cyclic occurrence of very strong (solar coronal mass ejections) CME and solar flares. As noted in the paper, the frequency of occurrence of strong CME during the space age period was significantly less than in the past. As noted very strong CME ejection occur when the solar magnetic cycle is weak not strong.

    Click to access Gleissberg-McCracken.pdf

    This would suggest that maybe a solar minimum is about to kick in, what are your thoughts?

    Greetz arnoud


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