Chaos: A week off record lows in U.S.- temps flirt with 100 year highs

February 16, 2011DALLAS, TX – The big warm-up sweeping the eastern two-thirds of the country this week will reach its peak today through Friday, depending on location. In some places, temperatures will challenge records that go back more than 100 years. Records were already broken Tuesday in parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Texas and Nevada. As the warmth spreads north and eastward from the Southwest and Gulf Coast region, highs in the 70s are forecast all the way north into parts of Kansas, Arkansas, the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland. Some areas of Texas have already been warming into the 80s this week, and soon portions of Florida will join them. While people farther north across the Midwest and Northeast will not experience this kind of warmth just yet, temperatures will still be rising well above normal and even challenging records in some cases. –Accuweather
Climate unraveling: This is clearly a taste of what’s to come this summer in the Northern hemisphere. We will see record high temperatures across the globe along with more turbulent storm systems.
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2 Responses to Chaos: A week off record lows in U.S.- temps flirt with 100 year highs

  1. Laura says:

    Here in Utah as well! I’m in the Salt Lake Valley and our temps have been hovering just below 60 F. VERY unusual for February, and according to the local weather folks, we have definitely broken records this week.

    However, we have a storm blowing in at the moment and will soon be covered in at least 6 more inches of snow before morning. LOL


  2. Debora says:

    Record highs here in Kansas as well… It was in the 80s in SW Kansas. Lawrence, KS record high is 74 in 1913 and today we hit 75. It is going to be a banner year!


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