Pacific plate upheaval: 8 major quakes strike the world in 6 days

February 15, 2011 Planetary tremors – There have been 8 major earthquakes in the world over the last 6 days and looking at the map above gives us the clearest indication yet that tectonic plates across the globe are all stressed with the Pacific plate leading the way. The major quakes to strike around the globe include 4 in Chile, 2 in the Celebs Sea (Philippines region), 1 in Tonga and 1 near Sulawesi, Indonesia.
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7 Responses to Pacific plate upheaval: 8 major quakes strike the world in 6 days

  1. Wiseguy says:

    SO, does it mean something, it’s rather normal or not.


    • It’s abnormal. The Pacific plate happens to be the most dangerous and volatile plate on the planet. Besides the Ring of Fire having the greatest concentration of quakes and volcanoes- it also has the highest density of super-volcano calderas.


  2. Brandon says:

    So, is it looking like the events of 2012 and beyond are going to in fact happen or are all these things just a phase the earth is going through and it seems like they are increasing only because news outlets are reporting them? Also, is there any truth whatsoever to the rumors that there is going to be a pole shift on March 15, 2011?


    • There is definitely an escalation of events as can be witnessed by many in the unprecedented number of extreme weather events, and geological incidents happening around the world. The beauty is you guys get to see it unfold with your own eyes just as I have been writing about it for 3 years. I haven’t heard anything about March 15, 2011 but an event such as a crustal displacement (pole-shift) needs a series of large-scale cascading events to set it in motion. It is not something a planet succumbs readily to and we should be glad because it would almost certainly be an extinction event for this planet should it ever occurs. Is there a good chance of it happening in the future- Absolutely. The planet just needs sufficient triggers. The Bible even predicts what certainly is characteristic of a pole-shift (Isaiah 24:20) happening in the future.


  3. rozee says:

    So now we have japan in the picture, it is pretty obvious the pacific plate is being highly stressed.


  4. cally says:

    ok, we are all *Censored*
    I have spent over 40+ hours Researching end of the world theorys, Planet X theories
    Pole shift theories and i believe in all of it…
    Japan the biggest earthquake… 12,000+ dead so far
    before this
    New Zealend Earthquakes in Christ church… Australia biggest flooding biggest cyclone. and just a week ago the biggest Earthquake since 1930..
    The Chile earthquakes… we are at the 4th month of 2011 and we have had more natural disasters then over 100 years…. We are screwed sorry to say NO pun intended.. Drinks up guys enjoy the last days 😉 ❤ Cally


  5. Norman Doiron says:

    I believe there are three possible forces affecting the pacific plate:

    1. Density Differential with regards to oil removal from the other plates causing an instability of an imbalance such that the other plates have increased in density causing them to apply more pressure on the mantle, since the pacific plate appears to have been untouched by oil exploration and oil removal. It I believe has a a lower density compared to the others which have been mined for the oil. So looking carefully at this, it appears that the pressure applied to the mantle from the other plates is being redistributed to the lighter plate which could be the pacific plate. Since crude oil on average has a density of .85 and water has a density of 1.025. It could be possible that the oil in the plates would help to maintain stability in the plates to keep the land above the water. Having said that lets continue… to item 2.

    2. If the above is true. Centrifugal forces could also be involved to help stabilize these liquids in the plates to help raise the plates in a uniform manner much like water in a ballon while your holding it and spinning. Take out the liquids and the ballon flops all over and so the tectonic plates could be flopping all over hypothetically speaking. Now moving on to item 3.

    3. Possible Gravitational forces from the sun which could be affecting the plates in various areas when certain plates are closer to the sun at various times of the year. This could technically be followed with Analemma or equation of time. Possibly also affecting the plates by also helping to raise them in a uniform manner. Also since the other plates are more dense, they would not react normally with the sun’s gravitational forces.

    Now looking at all of this paints a grim picture and the possibility of the pacific plate actually being raised upward by the pressure placed on it by the other plates and and the sun’s gravity. THE BIG POINT HERE IS THAT THE OTHER PLATES COULD SINK WHEN THE PACIFIC PLATE IS RAISED.

    Big trouble if my thoughts on this are correct.
    Sorry for the Pessimism. What is interesting about this is that apparently Mother Shipton predicted this in the 1500’s

    Could it be True?
    Well I’m throwing in with Jesus all the way!!


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