Large fireball seen across 5 northeastern U.S. states

February 16, 2011NEW YORK – “A streak of silver and then a flash with crazy colors.” That’s how one person on Twitter described the celestial phenomenon seen by thousands of people across five states. Around 12:30 p.m. Monday a fireball appeared in the sky over Pennsylvania, traveling east for hundreds of miles. The Internet lit up with reports of sightings from people in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. H.L. Devore says he was in his office in Ridgefield, N.J., looking out of the window when he saw it and said to himself, “What the heck is that?” Scientists say it most certainly was a large meteor, a piece of an asteroid or a comet that falls through the earth’s atmosphere. This latest meteor, one scientist says, was probably the size of a car and from its trajectory likely landed somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Professor Jon Friedrich says while meteors fall to earth on a daily basis, “It is unusual to see one so bright in the middle of the day.” –NBC New York
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4 Responses to Large fireball seen across 5 northeastern U.S. states

  1. WV Treehugger says:

    After I posted my comment my family and I went to walmart for munchies for movie night. We were putting our kids in the car seat and I was stopped to look at the stars as I always do. (LOVE THEM) At the same time my husband and I yelled look honey! A huge fireball was shooting cross the sky and seemed to break into peices as it past. We live in the Southern part of WV . I have seen many shooting stars and metor (sp?) showers, but this was neither one. Anyway keep up the good work I love your website, it’s awesome. Great coverage of events around the world that “matter”.


  2. Faye says:

    I witnessed a large blue fireball that was only approximately 1/4 mile away. It was very large, blue and sizzled out before my eyes. This appeared suddenly and died out in a matter of a second or two. It could not have been a meteor as close as it was and no fallout at all!…NE Pennsylvania…in a church parking lot…weirded me out!


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