Planetary tremor- destabilization in the southern hemisphere


(left) Seismograph of Antarctica and (right) the current seismograph of seismically volatile Chile
February 14, 2011 – The latest planetary tremor originated in the southern hemisphere at 5:00-6:00 GMT and has everything to do with Chile and the subduction zone of the Nazca plate being obstructed as it dives under the South American plate. This current planetary seismic event has put inordinate pressures on the Antarctica plate and we’re seeing some of the strongest seismic bands across the ice crusted continent we’ve ever witnessed. The gross mass of the planet is disproportionately distributed by weight along the Southern hemisphere due to the enormous weight of the Antarctica ice cap and the tidal budge of the great Pacific Ocean to force with a three-quarter full moon. The region of Chile is now kinetic and a volatile hazard zone and any large quake that could erupt here, in Brazil or Argentina could be of a major magnitude. We also believe the Cocos plate (Central America) and the Caribbean plate is very unstable and I think Baja California, San Juan de Fuca (Cascadian and Washington) the Eastern Africa Rift area, and the South Pacific islands (including Hawaii) are now also seismically volatile because of this event.  – (c) The Extinction Protocol
Update: A 6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand 7 days after this event on February 22, 2011
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5 Responses to Planetary tremor- destabilization in the southern hemisphere

  1. Lord Chaos says:

    You just love to brighten people’s days, don’t you?…

    I kid. Love the site. I have several friends who all follow your stuff. Keep up the excellent work!


  2. Thanks for your watchful eye SR, so noted.


  3. Roberto says:

    Great Site! I had being looking for this kind of site for a while but I just found you. Please continue with your great work… Im from Chile, and we are waiting for a major earthquake on the north. Not so much public information about this.


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